An Introduction To The Fanciers

The Fanciers are a two piece band from Glasgow who describefanciers themselves as “HQ lo fi”. This band has a distinctive sound, the singing and guitar parts are messy in places but it adds to the character of this unsigned band. Their first EP, ‘hq Lo-fi’ contains 6 tracks, all tracks are similar in the way that they all feature an acoustic guitar, drums and vocals. They’re all stripped back and simple tracks.

This week also saw the band release 3 separate EPs, blue, P I N K & PURPLE. Each EP contains the same 4 tracks, Parallel Lives, Too Complete, Aim and Polestogether. Despite the fact that the tracks are the same, each EP is played and sang in different keys. There is an element of genius here, the EPs are suitable for different moments/feelings. blue is the calmest of the three whereas P I N K has more upbeat, lighter guitar parts. Parallel Lives on P I N K and blue have a guitar melody but on PURPLE it is different with no melody, only vocals. These 3 differing EPs show this band have space and development.

It’s inspiring to see bands like this come into the music scene, I look forward to their future tracks and to see how they develop their sound in the future.


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  1. Danielle says:

    I look forward to checking them out!😊


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