The Fused at the Moon Club 8/11/16

Last weeks gig held at local Cardiff favourite, The Full Moon, was a launch show for the up and coming first time festival “Hoyfest” held by Cardiff promoter Sam Hoy. Kicking off things in readiness for the festival were local young talent, The Fused. Having been playing around the local circuit for the best part of a year these ambitious teens pack a punch during their adrenaline fuelled raucous live shows. Mixing their fresh and unique blend of raw punk and indie/Britpop flavours makes for a refreshing sound further complimented by charismatic frontman, Ellis Acton-Dyers huge vocals.

Bursting into their set playing crowd favourite, ‘Are you ready for a dance?’ the band set the bar high for the night, immediately bringing an exhilarating energy to the room. The infectious chorus hook and screeching guitar leads had the bouncing crowd in the palm of their hands. Reminiscent of early Libertines the band were off to a promising start. Firing straight into their second song of the night, “Matthew”, sees the band take an unexpected heavier approach to their sound, fans right off the bat were hit with relentless drums and monstrous bluesy riffs, reminding me of a “Songs for the Deaf” era Queens of the Stone Age. An increasingly rowdier crowd were met with soaring guitar tones in an incredible bluesy guitar solo to end the track. Later tracks in the set “Take it or leave me” and “Canvas Face” further hit home the bands ability to mix their thrashing aggressive riffs perfectly with the type of hooks that would be stuck in your head for weeks.

Opening a rendition of the Sex Pistols “God Save the Queen” with frontman Acton-Dyer half-jokingly shouting “Here’s our national anthem” was a witty and enjoyable change of pace, clearly wearing their punk influences on their sleeve that had found its way into the rest of their set. The bands earlier song “The Bouncer and the Underage Teen” shied away from the intensity of the majority of their songs and instead was a slower ‘Oasis-esque’ anthem. Guitarist Ollie Dixon blared out the jangly sounds of a young Johnny Marr meets Jonny Greenwood through his worn strat. This along with angst ridden lyrics of young nightlife made for a top indie tune.

Possibly the highlight of The Fused powerhouse set was closer “Familiar State”. A heartfelt ‘arms in the air’ anthem seeing the band and audience both in full swing, the energy escalating to a finale of Acton-Dyer diving into the crowd with his guitar amongst the chaos. Closing a tight and hectic set, the band sealed the deal proving they mean business with their furious yet melodic indie infused punk rock.

– Gavin Owen

You can catch the band at their next show playing HoyFest 2016 at the Gate Arts Centre in Cardiff tomorrow on the 19th of November. The event can be found here:

Twitter – @TheFusedUk

Facebook – @thefused.official

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