Lewis Watson // Midnight Announcement

Lewis Watson is a well-known act in the acoustic music scene. Being compared to the likes of Ed Sheeran and Oh Wonder, he is an exciting prospect.

His debut album ‘the morning’ peaked at No.28 in the Official Charts. The album’s heavenly acoustic sound was consistent throughout and there isn’t one bad song. My favourite songs from this album have got to be ‘holding on,’ ‘windows,’ and lead single ‘into the wild.’


With this album recently celebrating it’s 2nd birthday, it was about time for some new songs. Earlier this year, Lewis released a song called ‘maybe we’re home.’ This song saw him introduce some heavier electric guitars for the first time. It was a new style for fans to get used to but his melodic voice ensured that he retained his acoustic sound. Following the release of this song, Lewis released ‘hello hello.’ This was a song going back to his roots and saw him returning to the sound of acoustic guitar and piano complementing his voice once again. Written in the style of his earlier songs, fans wandered if it was one dug up from the archives.

However, this week Lewis created a countdown on his social media pages featuring some beautiful artwork created by friend, Andrew Salgado. It was revealed today that Salgado would be responsible for the artwork of Lewis’ sophomore album. When the countdown was up early this morning, Lewis released his third song of the year and announced an album.


The song, ‘little light’, featured elements of his signature acoustic sound with a more amplified sound included as well. The drum beats and electric guitar really show that Lewis can create a song out of anything. His talents are endless as he has mastered the acoustic ballad as well as these new, very slightly heavier songs.

The album, titled ‘midnight’ will be released on March 3rd and features 11 completely new songs. This is some exciting news as he has certainly kept his fans waiting. Lewis has spent so long on this album which gives the impression that it will be perfect – I can’t wait!

To catch Lewis on his warm-up tour this November and December, see tickets here: http://www.seetickets.com/tour/lewis-watson

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