Meet Breeze, the dream pop four-piece waving the flag for B-town, and listen to their infectious new banger ‘Silk’

 B-town. Hailed as the savior of British indie in the early 2010s, and blessing us with big name stars like Peace, Swim Deep, Jaws and Superfood. You may have thought the B-town scene was dead, but these guys prove it certainly isn’t!

Breeze are an indie-pop quartet from (you guessed it) Birmingham, who fuse swirling DIIV-esque guitar lines and ambient synths with a classy pop sensibility, I’m sold. Early tracks like the luscious beach pop of ‘Luna Love Me Good and ‘Bleach’ are carefree summery jams that’ll take you back to the good times.

Yesterday the Brummie boys dropped a much-anticipated third Soundcloud track, ‘Silk’.  Bright and breezy (no pun intended) synths and a thrumming bassline melt into trickling guitar that wouldn’t sound out of place on The 1975’s ethereal alt-pop debut. Match this with Paul Baker’s heavenly laid-back vocals, and you’ve got a certified dream pop hit! If you’re a fan of Jaws, Swim Deep or DIIV, then definitely take a listen to Breeze on their Soundcloud below. Whilst you’re at it, check out their cover of All Saints ‘Pure Shores’ for seriously mellow vibes.


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