Hoyfest ’16: Mirror Gorrillas and Vant


On Saturday, I was lucky enough to attend Hoyfest (if you didn’t go, you missed out majorly!!) and it was class. It was Hoyfest’s first year and we all hope they will return next year keeping the standards with a wicked lineup (see: http://letithappenmusicblog.com/2016/11/09/hoyfest-2016-preview/ for this year’s lineup.)  I honestly can say that there wasn’t a band that i didn’t enjoy watching, but i have to say my two favorites were bands VANT and Mirror Gorillas.

Mirror Gorrilas


Admittedly, I had never heard of the band before Hoyfest but they have had a lasting impression on me. Mirror Gorrillas are an alternative band from Manchester and Cardiff. Members include : Tim Stamper- bass, Harry Willicombe- lead vocals, Jim Laydon- rhythm guitar, Sam Butcher- lead guitar and Jamie Slater- drums.dsc_1055

Mirror Gorrillas are the sort of band who don’t know how good they actually are.  The band’s front man, Harry Willicombe and bassist, Tim Stamper approached us and said their band were due to play and that we should go watch them. “We’re a bit shit mind, but we’re all about having a good time” Harry gushed.

He also revealed that the band had practiced for the first time in seven months, the night before (with a new member), despite this the band had all eyes on them.

They show great support for their friends too, making sure everyone had a good time. They even started a mosh during Trash’s set and pulled my mates into it, there were a few falls to say the least. Along with being no1 Trash stans, the band have this undeniable stage presence, even when Harry annoyingly dabs for 2 minutes straight or rolls his eyes in a Morrissey like fashion. You can tell that they all have a sick time performing.dsc_1066

My favourite track by them has got to be : Diana, A Life In Fashion. When I listen to it, I can visualise how much everyone in the audience enjoyed it live. It intros with a really nice rift and I can’t quite put my finger on it, but the song is class.

They have an EP out already called alright, alright, alright and are planning the next one. Seriously good band, love their attitude towards life.

You can listen to them on soundcloud here:



VANT are an indie rock band “from planet earth”. Formed of Mattie Vant (lead vocals/guitar), Billy Morris (bass guitar), Henry Eastham (guitar) and David ‘Greenie’ Green (drums).

I really liked VANT before I saw them live but after seeing them I like them even more, they are incredible!! I even met them and they were lovely.


One thing I admire about this band is their constant awareness of what’s going on around them such as their brilliant thoughtful lyrics and protest gigs. They truly give a damn about what happens as showcased in their latest single ‘Peace & Love’.

A large crowd of people had gathered to see Vant including bands that had played earlier on at Hoyfest. Everyone loved it, there was constant moshing and we were all shouting the lyrics back to them. During their set, Mattie came off stage and played in the crowd,  he had a few people touch his iconic locks, he didn’t seem to mind too much.


VANT’s setlist was:

The Answer
Put Down Your Gun
Berners Lee
Jesus Was A Conman
Peace & Love (reprise)
Birth Certificate
Freedom of Movement
I Don’t Believe in God
Headed for the Sun
Karma Seeker
Parking Lot
Peace & Love

VANT have had their song ‘parking lot’ played as Annie Mac’s Hottest Record in the World (radio 1) and are due to play a live set on Annie Mac’s radio 1 show tonight at 8pm. Be sure to listen to these guys, they’re going to blow up !! ( I love The Answer)


VANT on Annie Mac tonight : http://bbc.in/2gDC6fv

Listen to VANT on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4Xxkt0tSJr1uNxGDZcJLRc

Big up Hoyfest for putting on a brilliant time, we all can’t wait until next year !!

Photos by Jacob Winter.

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