BLUSH release ‘Crying Glitter’

One of the most catchiest songs by far this year has to be ‘Crying Glitter’, by BLUSH. It’s been four months since their last single ‘WRNG’ and now finally, the four piece Indie band from London have fed us with another perfectly catchy tune. It’s a very promising track and it’s making me 100% certain that BLUSH can go onto being one hell of a successful Indie-Rock band in the near future.I feel as if the production of the song has got better, and they have showed progression in the space of their four month long song writing period.

Having a hint of influence from The Strokes, the sounds are bluesey and it’s a battle between the rock synths and the laces of emotion that just..flows.

Raw and enticing vocals are something I always look for in a song, vocals and lyricisms is what makes a song complete. Lead vocalist in BLUSH, Ben, has what I look for and it’s stunning, relaxing but also hard hitting.

But I can’t just talk about the vocals now, can I? I need to mention the jangly guitars and the harsh drum beats which adds layer upon layer of diversity within their music due to the contrast of smaller chords and notes and bigger ones. It’s full of light and energy and I think they are ready to show the world what they have, and in all honesty they have a lot to give to us.

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