Listen to Chelmsford’s finest new recruits, “scrappy indie-punk” trio Bilk

Chelmsford, Essex, England. Hardly the most exciting place on Earth, but over the last year, this sleepy East coast town has delivered some of indie’s brightest new stars, including Sound of 2016 graduate Rat Boy and his rough-around-the-edges cousin, grunge-pop misfit FREAK. It seems the Essex scene isn’t short on emerging talent, and now I’m here to introduce you to it’s newest players, scrappy indie-punk trio Bilk (formerly called LSD).

I must admit I was intrigued when this band followed me on Instagram, but after listening to their scarce Soundcloud material, I was hooked on their comedic ‘youth culture’ lyrical style and tight guitar hooks. Bilk, or Sol, Dan and Toby to you and I draw from an eclectic range of influences including Bristol graffiti artist Banksy, The Smiths and, “David Cameron’s Wife”? The result is a skittish blend of new-wave indie-punk and hip-hop that reflects ‘The Mixtape’ era Rat Boy, Jamie T and The Streets.

Bilk’s tunes seem to embody what it really means to grow up in teenage suburbia, from drunken Friday nights in ‘Get On It’, to being spiked at a house party in the appropriately named ‘Spiked’. All 3 tracks have that unmistakable ‘Jordan Cardy charm’ with Sol spitting bars over a rhythmic bassline and scrappy guitar slashes reminiscent of late ’90s Blur. I can definitely see these boys taking a similar path to Jordan and co. in 2017, they’ll be coming to a radio station near you soon! Take a listen to Bilk’s Soundcloud below:


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