Father John Misty Releases New Politically Charged Song ‘Holy Hell’

Oh how we all love Father John misty. His songwriting is sexy, raunchy, funny, and powerful. Just like his persona.

Well, he’s back and this time he’s gone all political.

A few weeks ago the world woke up in disbelief to find Donald Trump had been elected President of the United States. Father John has now returned in the post-election world, where he has shared politically motivated song ‘Holy Hell’ which features discreet references to the shocking decision.

Even though the president-elects name isn’t mentioned during the 3 minute long ballad, there are hints towards him “The economy just don’t explain this, this unfathomable, nameless rift/ Who knows if it even exists/ It’s just some highly effective rhetoric/ Used by perverts who get off on it.”


He also hints towards hope and salvation. The words which are beautifully sang over a harmonic piano tune say “The world won’t end unless we want it to,” he states. “There’s no one in control, it’s our life to choose.”

Its beautiful said, and poetically done. The song is typical Misty. Its similar to ‘Bored In The USA’ and has hints of ‘Holy Shit lurking through, creating a smooth; relaxing yet powerful song.

Even when the world goes to shit, Father John Misty always brightens the mood.

Heres to Misty 2020…

You can hear the new song here.


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