Interview with Paves


Paves are a four piece London based band who are well worth keeping an eye on! They are deeply engraved in rock n roll vibes who seem to bring danceable and fun music.

Members of the band include:

Luke: Lead Vocals & Guitar,  Mike: Lead Guitar, Perry: Bass & Backing Vocals, and Tom: Drums




LIH: So firstly, how long have you all been together?

Perry: Just been two years hasn’t it
Luke: It’s been about two years. I think the band as it is now has changed. There was a certain click about 8 months ago. So the band is about 8 months old, although it isn’t, the sound of the band is new. There was a slight transition and no-one knew how it happened but there was a click. Obviously we have been going a very long time, building up a fanbase and reputation whatever you want to call it, but personally as a musician and making music with these three other fine fellas it has been about 8 months but we have been going 2 years.


LIH: Leading on from that, would you say that your music has evolved alongside your friendship?

Tom: Yeah
Perry: I think so. We spend a stupid amount of time together to be fair and a lot of time in the back of vans
Tom: Cramped in a one bed hotel room [laughs]


LIH: You guys have been described as being ‘smoky blues rockers’ what genre would you describe your music as being?

Perry: Psychedelic death metal [laughs]
Luke: No, no, no [laughs] I think we traverse a few different genres. I had this discussion with Tom and I was like I don’t really like genres because they put you into boxes and stuff. In the 60s and everything, everything was open and when you went to a festival, there were loads of different genres and now we have festivals like Download which is rock and then V Festival which is pop, so it’s all classed into different things. Then obviously which you made me realise, like when it comes to describing our music I would have to say a few genres which we touch on that could be advantageous for the public which could be to grasp and sort of understand where we are coming from.




LIH: What’s the song that you wished you had written?

Luke: Um Jealous Guy by John Lennon
Mike: I would say Paradise City by Guns n Roses
Luke: Or Lady Of The Lowlands by Bob Dylan. It’s the last song on Blonde on Blonde, I really like that song. Or Midnight Rambler
Perry: Maybe Achilles Last Stand by Led Zeppelin. Great tune
Tom: I was going to say Bohemian Rhapsody or something. Just something crazy


LIH: What was the last song you listened to?

Mike: Mine was Ian Dury- What A Waste
Luke: I was listening to umm oh yeah I was listening to Fat White Family on the way. I don’t usually listen to bands on the tube because I like to take the scenery in
Perry: The scenery?! [laughs]
Luke: I came on the overground but it was dark, there was a lot of people and it was rush hour so I listened to Fat White Family
Perry: We had White Denims new album blaring so a track off that, couldn’t name one but one of those
Tom: I was actually listening to Operator Hour on the way here by Hello Operator



LIH: What would be your favourite single you have released and why?

Mike: We haven’t really released anything
Tom: We haven’t really properly released stuff, we have just stuck stuff on Spotify and stuff


LIH: Yeah, there used to be more on YouTube and stuff, but now most of it has been taken down, how come?

Perry: Yeah, I think it is because our sound has changed so much
Tom: It was mostly old stuff so we felt it didn’t really represent us anymore
Luke: We want to be quite concise with the stuff we are sharing now
Mike: Like even with the stuff we have online at the moment sound nothing like what we sound like now. But we have a new EP out in February!


LIH: Having being a London based band, where would your favourite place in London be to play?

Tom: Wembley
Luke: Have you ever played there? It might sound like shit you know [laughs]
Mike: The Old Purple Turtle just because the experience of it was nice
Luke: Brooklyn Bowl actually. You have to go up a lift to get to the dressing room which had a tray full of chicken. I was so full like I hate eating before gigs but I couldn’t help it [laughs]
Perry: Nambucca’s always good fun


LIH: You have been playing a lot of ‘This Feeling’ gigs, how’s it all been going?

Luke: Very well! Like a massive thanks to Mikey Jonns who puts a great night on. He will message you back at 7 in the morning and say right, this is the situation- he will be on it 24 hours
Mike: You put in what you get back
Luke: It’s great, we have made loads of friends through the festivals and everything. We are totally grateful for what he has done both musically and socially
Mike: Like of load of people wouldn’t be coming tonight if we weren’t doing the This Feeling stuff


LIH: Yeah another question I wanted to ask was how have they helped you as a band?

Perry: So much
Mike: With tours, major festivals, quite a lot
Luke: They have given us some advice as well and starting off as a band. He has been in the business 10 years so he knows a few tricks you know. It gives you some encouragement, if you’re a band starting off in London and there are like 20,000 other bands, you need a bit of push and encouragement. He will just tell you something that might work and for the moment it has worked pretty well
Perry: I think also being with other really talented bands, it makes you want to be better. It’s not competition but it just makes you up your game and play well
Luke: Yeah there is a bit of competition but it’s healthy




LIH: What festivals have you played this year? Any planned next year?

Mike: Quite a lot
Luke: Yeah, well we are still waiting to hear. It will be exciting to see what happens
Mike: There are some we know that we might be playing but obviously we can’t say anything until it has been confirmed you know. We did a few last year like we did three stages at the Isle of Wight Festival, Leeds Festival, Why Not, Victorious, Tramlines, Wilkestock Festival. We are playing a festival in Leeds next weekend, well this weekend, this Saturday.


LIH: What was the first song you learnt to play on your instruments?

Mike: The first thing I learnt on my guitar was Back In Black by AC/DC
Tom: Mines not cool at all. I was really into The Rasmus when I first started to play [laughs]
Mike: ahh no can we edit that out, not cool at all! [laughs]
Tom: I was like 10
Perry: I think I learnt Suck My Kiss by Red Hot Chili Peppers
Tom: See that’s really cool, you were really cool young kids
Luke: I think I got one of those learning books for the guitar, so whatever was first in that
Mike: Nursery rhymes and stuff
Luke: No, no [laughs] One thing I properly learnt out of it was Needle And The Damage Done by Neil Young but there was something before. It was Francis Cabrel I think


LIH: Any current projects or upcoming shows we should know about?

Luke: We are supporting Star Sailor in December which is good. We are playing London, Cardiff and Southhampton and it’s going to be the biggest venues we have ever played
Mike: Yeah 3000 or 2000 people so its going to be different
Luke: Then the EP is going to come out in February and that’s all basically finished now




Thank you so much to Paves and This Feeling for a smashing night. If you haven’t already then definitely go and check Paves out. They can be found on  Facebook,  Twitter, and SoundCloud

Photos by Anna Smith

Lauren x


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