Get to know Yorkshire psych-punk trio The Blinders, they’re Manchester’s next big thing…

There’s been some serious noise coming out of Yorkshire in the last few years, from the bruising garage-punk of Castleton brothers Drenge, to grunge inflected psych-pop weirdo’s Allusondrugs, this county sure as hell knows how to make a racket! In the spotlight today are The Blinders, a self-confessed ‘punkadelic’ trio from Doncaster (now working out of Manchester) whose raucous live shows, and politicized punk-rock have caught the attention of This Feeling and have seen them whip up a storm on the Manc scene.


The Blinders are Thomas Haywood on vocals/guitar, Charlie McGough on bass/vocals and Matty Neale on drums, who all came to Manchester to indulge in the thriving music scene, and to study of course…Influenced by a shared love of Nick Cave, Queens of the Stone Age and punk lit, these boys deliver explosive and visceral punk-rock with a fuzzed-up psychedelic twang, laced with fiercely political intentions. Think The Wytches meets VANT. For example, the rippling psychedelia of ‘ICB Blues’ (from debut EP, ‘Hidden Horror Dance’) references the death of Eric Garner at the hands of the NYPD, it even samples the police recording in the intro.

Debut single ‘Swine’ is equally formidable, rolling in lo-fi distortion and thunderous bass-drum, whilst Haywood’s chants of “There is no hope!” in the pre-chorus burrow deep into your ears. You can’t help make lazy comparisons to The Wytches, even Thomas admitted in a recent interview that “our old stuff was shite but it was The Wytches that kind of did it for us, all shouting and grunge”. But these guys are on another level, embracing the discordant political post-punk of fellow newcomers Cabbage, with the live intensity of Kent duo Slaves. The Blinders are already making waves on the Manchester music scene, and it won’t be long before the rest of us catch on as well! Check them out on Spotify or Soundcloud below but be warned, some of these tunes are absolute face-melters…




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