Terrorist Synthesizer is CABBAGE’s second EP – and it’s finally been released!

They’ve been described as The Northern version of The Fat White Family – with their similar characteristics of being brutally honest and singing about politics and problems within society, they are either loved or hated, just like The Fat White Family. Being compared to the likes of The Buzzcocks, Happy Mondays and The Smiths. They are a new, fresh and exciting band from Manchester and they’ve hit back even harder with their truth talking, butt-kicking EP.

‘Terrorist Synthesizer’ the first track from the EP – the first few chords are grumbly and it kicks straight in to the lyricisms about the political nuisance’s who run the country, their political views never go unheard. It’s a roaring track which is full of energy and momentum. It’s full of grungy guitar synths and retro sounding vocals.

The Road to Wigan Pier is the second track from the EP and trust me, it’s a powerful and it’s all a cocktail of sounds, garage, grunge, rock and as some people like to call it – ‘Madchester’. The messiness of the track along with the vocals and sounds all create a perfect metaphor for the issues surrounding this chaotic song.

‘These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ is the third track from Terrorist Synthesizer and it’s a cover of Nancy Sinatra’s original song but it’s their take and twist to it. It’s very unique, loud and also rather interesting. It’s not a song I would expect Cabbage to cover but they’ve pulled something rather cool out of the bag. It’s a trademark and it’s nice to see a band covering a song so old but so known. The heavy guitar sounds and the tense screaming and shouting is something you would either love or hate. I get a sense of influential power from Slaves and their top-notch rowdiness.

The last part is 8:46 of subtle carnage, and drony lyrics and again it’s something what you either love or hate. It starts slow and relaxing and halfway through the drony lyrics are not quite as..drony, it’s loud and fantastic. It’s wild and complex. It’s pretty much flawless.

Cabbage have really outdone themselves this time and the future is looking very bright and dreamy for them – with their controversial lyrics and hate for a lot of things, they speak the truth and sense and what’s not to love?

Listen right here: 

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