Lovebox festival announces Frank Ocean

The moment we have all been waiting for; the legendary Frank Ocean has been announced to headline London’s own Lovebox festival on Friday 14th July. As an artist who is renowned almost as much for his conservative attitude to live shows as he is for his idiosyncratic music, Frank’s appearance at Lovebox is definitely going to be magical. My mind didn’t even have time to think when I saw the announcement this morning. I managed to buy a Friday day ticket, my drained bank account being filled with heightened excitement. Those who are fans of Frank Ocean, and have been for a long while, will understand the soothing, ethereal connectivity his music brings, and how seeing him live is going to be an inevitably otherworldly experience.


Despite the pitfalls of Brexit and Donald Trump’s presidency, 2016 has produced some brilliant albums, including Frank’s very own ‘Blonde’. It was always going to be hard to follow ‘Channel ORANGE’, but it is clear that the Californian RnB genius still has a lot more up his sleeve. I have a feeling this festival is the first in a long list of shows to come, including possibly a tour. Nothing makes me more elated than recognising that this is only the beginning of Frank Ocean’s career; at only 29 years old we have so many more years to relish in his musical brilliance.

-Angel x

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