The Hello Morning EP is definitely not Bad News !!

Bad News


Bad News are an alternate band from Cheltenham and ‘Hello Morning’ is the band’s first EP of the year and it’s a good one. Firstly, I’ll talk to you about the cover of it. I don’t mean to sound sarcastic but this cover is really pretty, genuinely!! It’s like one of those things that the artsy kid you follow posts to make just to show off the fact that he’s acing art. I appreciate it.

The first song from their EP is called ‘(are you happy) hour’.  Anything  with the words ‘happy’ and ‘hour’ in the same sentence is already doing well. The track features a nice collaboration of guitar and bass with a great beat.  Their diy punk vibes shine through here.

Their second track features four minutes of electro- folk and is called ‘Home’.  ‘Home’ showcases the lead singers vocal capability very nicely, along with it’s very catchy lyrics. This is the one to belt out on an afternoon car ride round town.

Next up is the title track ‘Hello Morning’ lead by a cheerful drum beat and casually deep lyrics. This song feels like that one song that the band always end the gig with, a song that the band will become synonymous with. Despite being a fairly short song, it has a clear message.

‘Jack Mountain’ starts off quite chill but as the song moves on, it ups the pace. If there’s any old era The 1975 fans out there, you may notice like me, that the interlude reminds you vaguely of the eps.

‘Reprise’ is the last thing of Bad News’ five track EP. It’s totally instrumental, but not in the stereotypical boring 30 second clip that you sometimes hear it as. it’s a one and a half minute track full of mellow electric guitars and slow drums, perfectly rounding off a pleasant EP.

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