We here at Let It Happen have narrowed down a selection of about 30 new and exciting bands to a final top 10! These are bands that we believe will kick 2017’s ass, bands that are destined for greatness, headline slots and global dominance.

But before we get stuck into our list, we will look at a selection of artists who didn’t quite make the cut, although we are nonetheless excited about what 2017 shall bring for them!


The Garden


The Garden is the concoction of delightfully eccentric twins (YES TWINS!) Wyatt & Fletcher shears from California.

“The Garden is a constantly evolving, conceptual punk band based in Orange County, California. Established in in 2011 by twin brothers Wyatt and Fletcher Shears, the band consistently defies categorization and continues to break ground in their self inflicted ‘Vada Vada’ genre*. They are the auditory invaders of the new world; borderless, informed and decentralized, slick sound released from constraint and old ideologies.
*Vada Vada: An idea that represents pure creative expression, that disregards all previously made genres and ideals.” -Wyatt Shears 2015.

The twins draw inspiration from a background in punk classicism but remain unfettered and unselfconscious enough to infuse elements of 90s hip hop and big beat electronica. The Garden is the intellectual refute to critics of the post modern, pantheistic generation of music listener with an equal dose of punk irreverence and undistilled fury.

Lewis Watson


Youthful singer songwriter Lewis Watson achieved early recognition when, after several years of uploading his own videos online, his self-released EP It’s Got Four Sad Songs on it BTW became a Top 10 iTunes hit in 2012.

With a choice of labels keen for his signature after two years away, Lewis decided to find a new approach to releasing his music, partnering with the leading independent label Cooking Vinyl, and heading out on tour to showcase many of the new songs direct to his fans.

His new album ‘midnight’ is scheduled for release on the 3rd of March 2017.



(taken from the TRASH Facebook page)

“We have a good sense of humour, enjoy long walks to the nearest indie pop disco + we’re very sweet (especially when it comes to our sweet, sweet tone).
Our friends describe us as rocking, kings of the riff, indie dreamboats + slacker-glitter-teenage pop which we completely agree with but we’d rather just be known as TRASH, the band that changed pop music.”

Rory Wynne


Rory Wynne is a ‘Cool and Confident’ Musical Artist from Stockport, Greater Manchester. With a knack for writing ‘punchy pop songs’ with a ‘bit of grit’ to them, as well as an onstage swagger, he is a true rockstar and “Rory Wynne’s teenage rock n roll revolution shows no signs of slowing down”.




Meet INHEAVEN, the South London four-piece with a DIY ethic who are reinventing shoegaze and grunge for the 21st century.

Check out their latest single and it’s new video below:

Inheaven are a London band whose music immediately gripped me — I love that feeling. Their stand-out track and debut single “Regeneration” is steeped in snarled aggression and shattering moments of guitar-driven choruses that rarely work at all anymore.

9. The Big Moon


The Big Moon are a four-piece band hailing from London, made up of Juliette Jackson, Soph Nathan, Celia Archer and Fern Ford, who all love to make vibrant, energizing noise with their garage guitars, rock drums and a searing vocal lead.

Their debut album  ‘Love In the 4th Dimension’ is set for release on April the 7th, 2017.

8. The Magic Gang


Say hello to Brighton-based four piece, The Magic Gang. The band received lots of attention and a rapid increase in popularity last year with support tours with Wolf Alice and Swim Deep securing their reputation as one of the country’s most enjoyable up and coming live bands.

Their well-crafted pop songs are charming enough on their own, but the effect is enhanced by how much fun the band obviously have on stage.

After recently signing to Warner Brothers, a debut LP is imminent in 2017, keep your eyes peeled, this band are going to be extremely hard to miss!

7. Black Honey


Black Honey are one of the most important indie bands to watch for 2017. They’ve been under the proverbial radar for over a year and in fact they rather like it that way – “If it was my way we’d still be a secret band,” claims the singer – but unfortunately they made the mistake of writing songs with potential mass (indie) appeal. The usual Annie Macs, Huw Stephens and Phil Taggarts have been clambering to support them, and Spotify plays by actual humans are fast approaching the million mark.

They recently supported Kent punk-duo Slaves in Manchester, certainly widening their fanbase to that of the loyal mosh-lovers of Slaves. All eyes are on Black Honey, as we wait patiently for that highly anticipated debut album. It’s going to be a belter, thats for sure!

Check out their Quentin Tarantino like music video for recent single below:

6. The Japanese House


If you have been living under a musical rock in 2016, and don’t know much about The Japanese House, you are about to give your ears a real treat. The Japanese House is the extremely talented 20 year old Londoner, Amber Bain – who has worked closely with both Matty and George from The 1975. She has spent the year touring the world alongside The 1975 and Wolf Alice whilst also playing a slot at Coachella, and this is just the beginning.

With several solid EPs in her arsenal, we are bound to be graced with the first full length from Bain at some point next year and it will absolutely be a hit, she deserves it and is rapidly making her ascent to fame.

5. Declan McKenna


Say hello to fresh faced 18-year old Declan McKenna, the English singer, songwriter, and musician best known for winning the Glastonbury Festival’s Emerging Talent Competition in 2015.

“Paracetamol” discusses how transgender teenagers are misrepresented in the media. In an interview with Sound of Boston, McKenna explained that the title of the song came from “the idea of using the lyric paracetamol was a way of comparing the belief that someone can be cured from who they are, via therapy, to an everyday painkiller.”

4. Cabbage


Cabbage have been widely described as “Manchester’s most exciting new band”, and have a massive slot next year supporting the mighty The Courteeners in Manchester alongside Blossoms and The Charlatans, that is bound to take them to new heights.

What they do, more accurately, is capture the energy of the city’s great pop moment- that one that stretched from the late seventies to the mid-nineties, spawned at least two generations worth of bands and altered popular music forever. What’s more, they’re on a mission to do it all again.

3.  The Amazons


The Amazons are a blistering, melodic rock quartet from Reading. Born and raised Reading locals, Matt, Joe, Elliot and Chris take the aggression of grunge and punk and splice it with melody and harmony.

The Amazons are far from your current trend of rock band wannabes (*cough*Catfish*cough*) who seem to behave how they think rock bands are supposed to, the Reading foursome are a lively bunch of lads, who are gaining traction thanks to their rowdy live shows.

2. Estrons


Meet the Welsh alternative indie-rock band jam packed with attitude.

Estrons means ‘aliens’ or ‘strangers’ in Welsh and this band of misfits may at times seem very far removed from any particular scene because they make music their own way, when they like, how they like.

Estrons write about sexual dominance, belonging, divorce, self doubt… themes that matter to them and they write about them with passion and truth. They sing in English and Welsh, sometimes flitting between the two depending on the feel of the song. Their debut EP Whoever She Was… includes opening track and single Make A Man, which not only presents the band’s dynamic indie sound, but the sentiment behind the song is just as meaningful with the idea of female objectification turned on its head.

1. Blaenavon


Blaenavon are three talented individuals who have taken the music world by storm, having played with the likes of Foals, Bloc Party and Warpaint to name a few. The band’s three-track offering ‘Miss World’ encapsulates everything striking about a young band with a very bright future, flowing seamlessly from delicately picked verses to euphoric sections of soaring vocals and powerful guitars.

Next year will already see the band supporting the mighty Two Door Cinema Club across Europe as well as playing several UK dates with Sundara Karma. The vocals of Ben Gregory are impossible to hate, and are driven further by the roaringly smooth guitars and pounding percussion.

If the pundits are right and guitar music truly is back, then a lot could rest on groups like Blaenavon. A three piece from Hampshire, the band’s youthfulness is equal only to their extraordinary potential.

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