On December 2nd, 2016 Me and Sam were given the opportunity to interview one of our favourite bands, Jaws, before their headline gig at The Rainbow Warehouse in Birmingham. The gig would be the last on this current tour.

Here’s what they had to say about the album, the tour,  airing their best Oasis impressions and supporting Drake?

LIH: So then, how has the tour been so far for you guys?

Connor: It has been fantastic. By far the best tour… we’ve ever done. Ever.

LIH: Whats been the best gig on the tour?

Connor: Probably Manchester for me, or probably London actually. Tonight (Birmingham) has the potential…

Eddy: Tonights got the potential to smash em all!

LIH: So do you all enjoy playing the new songs? I can remember you saying its some of the best stuff you’ve ever written?

Connor: Oh yeah, this is the best album we’ve written, in my opinion (Laughter).

LIH: So have you all got a favourite that you enjoy playing live?

Connor: Live, I just like playing Right In Front Of Me. I just like playing the melody that I love to play a lot.

Alex: I think if we’re talking live um, I’m currently enjoying the end of Cast because everyone, well, its a bit flat throughout the song and I just think why isn’t everyone going off this is a tune! And then that last chorus, everyone saves the energy for it. So I love playing that.

Eddy: Yeah Right In Front Of Me for me as well.

LIH: So why was there such a long break between the first two singles?

Connor: No comment! (laughter). Um nah, things, just real life got in the way and uncontrollable circumstances thats just how it played out. Sometimes theres more to life than the PR schedule of the band.

LIH: So are there any B-sides for Simplicity that we haven’t heard yet that you plan to release?

Connor: Theres definitely unheard songs, theres 3 or 4 unheard songs, but yeah, maybe eventually we might get round to releasing them.

LIH: Would you be willing to put them on an EP or something?

Connor: Maybe something like that, or an extra single. The reason they’re not on the album is because they aren’t good enough. I mean you guys might love them but we don’t like putting our name to something we don’t thinks good enough.

LIH: So you’ve had a pretty great reception from the album, you’ve had your stuff being played on TV, Whats that been like for you?

Connor: Well its a bit crazy actually. You’ll be sat watching telly and your song will be on the Made in Chelsea advert (laughter). You’re just like, What the fuck… We had people messaging us saying you’re on Holyoaks. Its a bit weird you can’t really describe it.

LIH: You guys have been a three piece for a while now. Any chance of adding Leon to the fold?

Connor: well, we’ve been writing a bit with Leon, he’s definitely with us. He’s a ‘Jaw’ (laughter) he’s been playing with us for a year and a half, we haven’t really spoke about it.

LIH: Good bassist?

Connor: Yeah man. He’s my boy, he’s the best bass player I know!

LIH: So a few years ago you played that special B-Town christmas gig with Superfood, Peace and Swim Deep?…

Alex: You’ve been tasked (towards Piran)! Hows that going for you?

Piran: Oh its difficult. I mean its tough to organise something like this! Do you have any plans to do it in a couple years?

Connor: Id love to do it. Id love that to happen. It would be such a fun thing to do, but i mean its more on them guys. I think at the time it happened, just before Peace and Swim Deep broke. I mean where would we do it?

Piran: I mean you could do it at the institute?

Connor: I think the charm of it was that it was in this shit hole! (Laughter) like you know what i mean? it felt dangerous, it was youthful. I feel that if it was in an establishment it would feel weird or corporate. I mean the fact that night is so well remembered is because it was so dodgy!

LIH: Last year in March, you guys played the main room at The Institute, What was that like for you? 

Connor: Cant really remember it in all fairness. You don’t comprehend these things. It was a weird feeling. It was surreal to play in a room like that, after seeing some of your favourite bands perform in that room. It was surreal.

LIH: So we have some questions from fans who we’ve asked in advance, the first is How do you record? have you got any tips for young people looking to start recording or writing?

Connor: Well, you can go to a recording studio with a producer. But I mean before that stage, we will just do it on my laptop. Its different for some songs. If you have a mac then just get logic. It’s simple and easy to learn.

LIH: So how did it start for you guys?

Connor: Well that’s what I did. I made some demos on my laptop and sent them to these guys and asked if you wanted to start a band! I mean I could go home tomorrow and write an album by Christmas. I won’t do that because I’m lazy. But if its influential to anyone, if you have ideas… because that’s how it started. I was pretty shy, I used to have pretty bad anxiety, I didn’t want to go into practice room and waste my time if it wasn’t good enough. I sort of took my own time with the songs first then I started!

Sam: Just a quick one for Eddy, when will you be starting your love casts again?

Eddy: Oh god, I’ve deleted periscope man.

Connor: what the fuck was that, (Laughter)

Eddy: I did a thing and it turned into something weird I dunno man (more laughter)

LIH: So we’ve gotta talk about next year. Do you have any festivals which you’d love to perform at?

Alex: All of them. If anyone is listening out there.

Connor: I’m not gonna say any names or anything but all of them. Honestly like, if I hype up something it doesn’t happen and its gutting so I’m not saying it by name.

Eddy: It would be crazy if we get put on Download. Because i think we’re quite heavy.

Connor: I think we could play Slam Dunk.

Alex: Yeah, I think we meet in the middle of those worlds.

Connor: If we turn up to Slam Dunk in our van and say, “We’re playing” they’d just let us in.

Eddy: If you turn up at any festival and say we’re playing. I mean its ridiculously easy to get in.

Alex: I mean the number of times we’ve just turned up and said were playing this stage and there’s been no documentation is ridiculous.

Connor: we’re gonna try that with primavera sound in Barcelona, I mean that lineup is incredible…

Alex: Not yet, we’re not there (Laughter)

Connor: We watched supersonic the other day and now were all  twats

Eddy: (Liam Gallegher impression)Fuck off.

Connor: ( Noel Gallagher impression) You’re a twat.

Eddy: City To win the league

Connor: You wish you had my songwriting talent, you good looking fucker.

Connor: I’m going to Japan to get some time on my own… Fuck Jaws. We should kick Huddy out the band cus he’s not as mad as us and he’s a United fan.

Connor: (To Eddy) You’re my brother, were best friends again let’s get some MDMA and get off our tits.

Alex: Now you don’t need to see Supersonic. That’s the film for you!

LIH: Steering away from Supersonic, do you have any favourite bands that you enjoy?

Eddy: Metallica

Connor: I’m not a huge Oasis fan in the slightest, I love watching live videos of them. I don’t think there’s been an act that looks that are that cool on stage…

Eddy: Apart from Led Zeppelin

Alex: Good old Mr David Bowie, Radiohead… A bit of Warpaint now and again.

LIH: You guys must have been to a lot of shows yourselves, what would you say is the best band you’ve seen live?

Alex: System Of A Down

Eddy: Steel Panther

Connor: I saw Bon Iver yeah (Laughter) sorry to be the cliche Fucking… oh that was such a class thing. It was incredible, I could’ve cried at every song it was beautiful.

Alex: What about that time when me and you saw Foals?

Connor: That was pretty epic actually. So back in the day, way back it the day, I was about 16 at the time and we were at college and Foals did a secret gig in what is not the middle room in the Institute (Birmingham) and they announced it the same week and you had to email to apply to get tickets and we both got tickets. We didn’t know each other at the time.

Alex: We probably bumped into each other…

Connor:… I swear down, there was something in the air that night. It was just laced with like… ah, it was just a mental show.

LIH: Do you think it’s weird seeing Foals in such a small venue then 7 years later, they headline Reading And Leeds?

Alex: I haven’t really thought about it to be honest but its pretty mad.

Connor: Yeah that’s pretty mad, but at the time they were the big band and I was so buzzed to see them regardless of the venue like I love that band. I was like I don’t care I’m seeing Foals this is amazing.

LIH: You got a favourite song by Foals?

Connor: Sorry but gonna be really cliche again and say Spanish Sahara because remember when they played it that night, that’s when the show was around the release of Total Life Forever.

Alex: I think depending on what mood I’m in, its one of Total Life Forever, I mean that album is insane.

Connor: Well, I don’t think they’ll read this but rum, I think they’ve gone a bit shit after that album… Yannis mate if you read this what are you doing… Nah you’re alright mate… Please take us on tour…

LIH: Speaking of that, is there a band that you’d love to tour with?

Connor: I would love to of toured with Bombay Bicycle Club, but urm they are on a break now which is upsetting, but id love to tour with Peace, we’ve done a couple shows with them here and there and small runs but wed love a huge run with them. I feel like we have the same fans, it would be a huge show. I mean, eddy would love to tour with metallica. Id love to play on one of those Blink shows.

Eddy: I mean I’m sure they can fit us on in Brum, id play to ten people if I could stand in the same room with Travis Barker even if I domino meat him.

Connor: Id like to support Deftones, in fact, I’m just talking about bands i like now… (laughter). I mean id love to support Drake in brum.   I did tweet him off the jaws page asking if we could support him

Alex: what and he didn’t say yes? has he seen how many followers we’ve got?

Connor: I know we’ve got like nineteen thousand

Connor: Do you know whats funny, it was a joke obviously you had people re tweeting it like haha thats a funny ill re tweet that but then you had people say “Ugh don’t let these support” and it was like urm this is awkward.

LIH: Have you got any preferences on the pop scene or popular music scene at the moment? 

Alex: Its lit

Connor: I think lyrically its a bit shit but I think musically we are in a golden era i mean production at the moment is insane. you listen to any pop album at the moment and you think what the fuck how did someone make that sound or whats that noise. I think if you look back in ten years maybe 2010-2015 onwards so many pop songs musically are so good. I think in a couple years we’ll hit a huge golden era.

LIH: Do you think you’ll make a poppy kind of album?

Connor: I don’t know man, I mean we’ve wrote a couple songs since the release of this album and theres still guitars in them. We listen to a lot of old dance music when we were writing 17 and Work It Out so theres a small pop element there but i dunno about a full pop sounding album.

LIH: I think we will end it there  guys as the support are now sound checking so I just want to say thank you for this opportunity and good luck tonight!

Connor: Thanks guys, been brilliant to see you again!

Questions from Piran Aston and Sam Lewis.

Thank you again for Jaws for this incredible opportunity x


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