Happyness Share ‘Falling Down’

Happyness are back with the first single from their sophomore album! The follow up to 2014’s highly acclaimed ‘Weird Little Birthday’ is set for release next Spring but, until then the boys have treated fans to the first single ‘Falling Down’.

Don’t get me wrong, the latest track is a slow-burn in comparison to what fans expect from this band, but it is equally as brilliant! The 2 minute intro is a perfect, moody opener to this huge track. Snappy guitar riffs accompany lyrics about love. Personally, I find that tracks over 4 minutes have a tendency to drag out too much  but, ‘Falling Down’ is the very opposite! Despite it being around the 5 minute mark, the guitar and drum parts keep it fresh. The vocals have an overall low-fi, shoegaze feel which add to the mood of the song.

Singer and guitarist Jon EE Allan shares a little about where the band are coming from with Falling Down and it’s epic two-minute introduction.

“One of many anti-overthinking songs. I think we thought it would be funny to trick people into thinking we’d turned into Interpool or something for about 15 seconds at the beginning of the record. I remember we were talking at the beginning of the recording sessions about Wizzard and Roxy Music and us maybe taking a leaf out of the whole glam rock thing, but getting it a bit wrong. Like children dressing up in their parents’ clothes or something – completely silly but very serious about it. I don’t think we ended up pushing that line of thought for the whole of this song, or even for THAT much of the album, but maybe a bit of it made it into the outro synths.”

Happyness are a band known for always mixing things up and it has been said that their as- of-yet-untitled album will surprise a few people. 2013 saw the release of their debut single, its spirited take on US college rock was an instant hit within the industry! Their full length  debut earned them an NME award, a place on many 2014’s End of Year lists, tour dates across the globe and eventually a signing to the brilliant label Moshi Moshi  in the UK and Bar None Records in the US.

Happyness announced early November that they will headline a club show for YALA! Records, this sold out within 2 hours and a week later saw the announcement of another huge show. This time it is their biggest show to date at The Dome, Tuffnell Park, this is a show not to be missed!

The release of their next record is set to be amazing, keep your eyes pealed for those surprises and I highly believe this incredible band will add to their achievements in 2017 and I am sure they will make it onto more albums of the year lists.

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