Social Sites- Cosmo Pyke

Cosmo Pyke is an 18 year old alt artist and model from London who makes dreamy music. The artist has been doing extremely well for himself, scoring the support slot for Jaws’ class eight date tour and achieving 84,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. No wonder he was spotted by Frank Ocean to be included in his video for ‘Nikes’, only available on Apple music (cry).

Anyway, let’s talk about ‘Social Sites’.  Such a chill, deep song. The song is about, like stated in it’s appropriate title, social sites and the strains that come with it in relationships.  The song has quite honest and real lyrics such as “Why does she cry ? Because these social sites”. This is a very personal song and it shows through it’s thoughtfulness and attention that is payed to detail.

I’d describe this song as wavey, sloppy-psych, in the prettiest way possible. Cosmo Pyke reminds me vaguely of Mac Demarco or even King Krule for his soothing guitar presence throughout this song.

I’ll be on his new music as soon as he releases it, so should you. I’ll keep you updated,  I think he could blow up pretty soon :))

Listen to Social Sites on Soundcloud here:

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