Festive Slacker Pop From Holiday Home

A Home For The Holidays- Holiday Home.

Although it is just under a week until Christmas, I admittedly haven’t listened to any festive songs because quite frankly I cannot stand Mariah Carey but ‘A Home For The Holidays’ is definitely not your average festive tune. It combines DIY slacker pop and indie vibes to create something quite nice.

The song is quite different to anything the duo have done as a part of Mirror Gorrilas, it’s a completely different sound. ‘A Home For The Holidays’ still incorporates their signature random voice overs (featuring the grinch) but is majorly based around a soothing rift and a odly merry flow of chords.

The song’s lyrics are very different to traditional Christmas songs yet put you in a Christmassy mood which is what makes the song so unique.

Harry and Tim who make the duo Holiday Home are really cool lads who deserve to have the song played around. There’s still 6 days until Christmas so don’t let this song flop. Listen to ‘A Home For The Holidays’ here on

p.s there will be a video out soon so keep your eyes peeled as I’m sure we’re all in for a treat.


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