Interview with JUDAS


I recently had the pleasure of chatting with John Clancy from the London based band JUDAS (with band member James featured in the photos shown)

This four piece indie rock band consists of John (Vocals/Guitar), James (Bass Guitar), Todd (Guitar), and Sam (Drums). For a band who are only really starting out, JUDAS have already made some huge appearances including the Main Stage at Leeds festival earlier this year.  The band have been together for around two years and have accomplished much in this time; performing at some major festivals including Isle of Wight, Y Not, Truck Festival and Tramlines.  Additionally these guys have had numerous airplays on BBC Introducing and XFM.

Judas’ sound is commonly compared to a combination of U2 and Kings of Leon. With other influences such as Arctic Monkeys, Coldplay and Stereophonics, Judas create their own unique rock sound and deliver some incredibly energetic shows!








LIH: Because you are a London based band, where would you say your favourite venue is to play?

John: Ahh that’s quite hard actually, we have done so many! Like, I don’t know.. we played the O2 actually which was pretty sick. But I like Koko actually, every time we play there we always have the best gig. It’s only round the corner as well so it’s not a nightmare getting back. Where is your best London gig Todd before you leave mate..?
Todd: I though the one yesterday we did was good
John: Yeah the O2
Todd: The Lexington was boss as well, the first time we played there
John: The Lexington is actually really cool, sounds good as well

LIH: Have you had any funny moments when playing This Feeling gigs?

John: A million and one!! I think I fell off the stage at one This Feeling gig at the umm where was that? I fell completely off the stage! I think it might have been in Islington somewhere. I have fell off the stage a load of times me [laughs] falling off the stage has got to be the worst funniest moment but all the festivals and parties after the gigs are always pretty good as well so yeah!


LIH: Leading on from that, how have they helped you as a band?

John: They have helped us so much like when we started, because I knew Mikey from my first band and I was like 15, he put me on a London show which we travelled from Liverpool to which was amazing. Then ever since then we stayed in touch, so when we first started he was the guy putting us on when we didn’t have anywhere to play. Then all the festivals, he put us up for Isle of Wight, Leeds Festival, so if we wouldn’t have been there then we wouldn’t have been doing the main stage and two sets at Why Not as well. Mikey put us forward to play the big tent at Why Not so yeah This Feeling has probably been our biggest help so far with the band.


LIH: Yeah I was going to ask you how you got main stage at Leeds

John: Very luckily! [laughs] well we were just about to go on stage on the Jack Rocks and then all these Mercedes vans started to pull up at the back and they were like is Judas’ manager there. That would be me- we don’t have a manager [laughs] so yeah he said Parkway Drive dropped out, I don’t know why, weather its personal problems or whatever- so they were like we have a half an hour slot come available, do you want to do it. Actually I was with Jo and we didn’t know it was the main stage and we were like ah its probably BBC Introducing or something, but then we found out it was the main stage and I just hugged this random guy. He was like the main guy at the festival, Melvin Benn I think his name is- like the main promoter at the festival and I was hugging him and I had never even met him before! So then when we went on stage all the crew were at the side of the stage just watching us. We were so psyched for the smaller show and then when we came off we were quite chilled actually because they had just sorted everything. We went on stage and everything was all set up it was amazing, just so mental.



LIH: Because you are from Liverpool, how does the Liverpool music scene differ from the London one?

John: I think it’s a lot harder in Liverpool. There a more like clubs and stuff and not as many like band fans, so when we started, with my old band as well, you can only like play every once or twice a month. If you’re not a touring band it’s kind of hard to get going as you can’t gig every week. When we started here we literally had 3 gigs a week all across London, just some of the smaller venues and stuff which was a lot easier and also there are a lot more people going to watch bands and stuff. I think moving here to London as a band is like a big starting point.


LIH: What music are you listening to at the minute?

John: The 1975! [laughs] We listen to Hidden Charms a bit too and their new EP which is really cool. We listen to Bruno Mars which is a band favourite at the moment! We literally don’t listen to any music which sounds like ours, it’s a bit mad. We listen to like mainly early 2000s pop hits like Natasha Bedingfield- she is a favourite of ours.


LIH: What do you think makes a great gig?

John: The fans. I think when you go, even if you sound rubbish on stage and you can’t hear anything and all play terrible, if everyone is going mental it’s still just like the best gig. So I think when the crowd are going mental, that what makes a good gig for me anyway.


LIH: So you have recently been supporting Starsailor, how has it all been?

John: It’s been really good! We got to do the O2 which was amazing and so have all the other shows. We played with them last year  when we were really just finding our feet and they asked us again. This year was a bit bigger in terms of what the gigs and that were. We sold so much merch, we are like millionaires for Christmas now [laughs] it’s so good and I think it’s just nice to play on the big stages with big crowds as well which is something we are looking forward to doing more. We had an after party and we were like the last ones there, then another shipment of alcohol came in and they were like just take it with you. We have got serious crates of alcohol for Christmas!


LIH: In regards to your song ‘Call Me’ if you could pick anyone dead or alive to call who would it be?

John: Wow, that’s the best question we have ever had! Oh my god. John Lennon, I’d call John Lennon and say do you have any old songs you don’t want, I’ll have them! [laughs]



LIH: When is your video for Bad Love going to be released?

John: Ohh I don’t know. Next year, that’s all I can give you! I think probably about March/April but we have got a load of stuff coming. It’s all like being organised at the moment so I can’t give you a real date, so just going to have to say next year, but it’s amazing! So good!


LIH: Do you have any idea about what festivals you will be playing?

John: I don’t know if I’m allowed to say… [whispers] yeah [laughs]


LIH: Last one just for a bit of fun.. snog, marry, avoid with the rest of the band

John: [laughs] I would probably avoid James [laughs] because he is the biggest nuisance and he is my least favourite in terms of attractiveness. I would probably snog Todd because he is the best looking out of a bad bunch, and then I would marry Sam because he is the most organised. He sorts all my shit out anyway, he is basically my wife anyway! He literally comes into my room with a coffee like everyday so yeah I would marry Sam.

LIH: Great- I think that is the anonymous decision..

John: Amazing! Is that everything? Wow that was a really good interview, good questions!

LIH: Thanks!


I would like to thank JUDAS for their time, especially John and James! If you haven’t already, I would definitely recommend you check these guys out on FacebookTwitter and SoundCloud


Lauren x


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