Andy J Gallagher’s New Double A Side – Sheena’s Big Night Out/ Because We Want To

Andy J Gallagher released his latest double-A-sided single, Sheena’s Big Night Out and Because We Are earlier this month.

Staying true to his style, both tracks are heavy hitting and full of punk attitude.

Lead single, Sheena’s Big Night Out has the lyrical delivery of an Arctic Monkey’s single. It’s fast, upbeat and has plenty going on. It’s a busy track on which Andy struggles to catch his breath whilst belting out the story of a relationship, this adds to the busyness and puts a rougher edge on the song,  The chorus is catchy, fun and one you want to sing along to. I would say that this single is perfect for radio as it is extremely quick to pick up, it’s fun and the story Andy sings about contains a reality and a credibility! I’m sure that as well as being very radio friendly, it is an impressive song live. I can imagine the sound developing live and I believe that this song is meant to be performed in venues to big crowds. It’s a feel-good tune that gets everyone dancing.

The support track to the single, Because We Are contains clever lyrics, groovy  guitar riffs and a strong drum beat throughout the entire track. The build up during the intro contains funky guitars and ascending  vocals, the guitar riffs then continue throughout the majority of the song. This punk-pop tinted song is an immediate mood lifter. Andy has constructed a way to remain under the punk category yet not come across as angry or aggressive within the lyricism. His lyrics are positive and unlike some punk singers, he has no need to shout or scream. His voice is full of experience and is gravitating enough he doesn’t need to raise his voice to drag the attention. His voice blends perfectly with the melody.

Gallagher is set to release his latest album in 2017, produced by Roman Jugg of band, The Dammed fame, it is set to be something very special indeed. He has recently been hailed as “a lyrical genius” by Roman and after just listening to this EP, it is obvious to me that he isn’t lying. Gallagher’s album is set to be something good to look out for in the next year! His lyrics are raw, powerful and shares experience of everyday, current life situations.

Both tracks can be found below:

Sheena’s Big Night Out

Because We Are



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