London Grammar ring in the New Year, dropping a long-awaited comeback single, ‘Rooting For You’

Surfacing from internet obscurity in 2013, electronic three-piece London Grammar, made up of Nottingham University graduates Hannah Reid and Dan Rothman and multi-instrumentalist Dom “Dot” Major turned the ears of the blogosphere with their delicately crafted fusion of sparse, ethereal electronica, gorgeously subtle guitar, and Reid’s brooding vocal delivery.

Borrowing freely from the nocturnal indietronica of the xx, and reinforcing it with soaring vocals and luscious piano accompaniments, their critically received debut album ‘If You Wait’ struck 2nd in the UK charts within a week. From here they went on to release a slew of singles and remixes, played to festival crowds in the UK, Europe and beyond and even offered a collaborative hand to the Lawrence brothers on Disclosure’s debut record, ‘Settle’

Since then the trio has disappeared, with no offerings of new material for 3 years…until New Years Day. ‘Rooting For You’ is a delicately stirring ballad; Hannah Reid’s familiar haunting vocals ring out unaccompanied save for a trickle of lead guitar for a full two-minutes before the track turns into a swell of orchestral grandeur. Sure, no imminent album announcement has been made, but the gorgeous radio-worthy hooks of ‘Rooting For You’  sure as hell point in the right direction! It’s not a sensational U-turn, but we’re all thrilled to say London Grammar are back doing what they do best.

Stream ‘Rooting For You’ on Spotify below:

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