DIY Magazine’s ‘Hello 2017’ presents Goat Girl, Dead Pretties, FISH and YOWL

This January, DIY Magazine and The Old Blue Last are treating London’s indie kids to free gigs every Tuesday, showcasing exciting emerging bands they advise you to keep your eyes on. These nights are well-known for being sweaty enlightening peeks into the year ahead and, with previous years having introduced Wolf Alice, Jaws and Honeyblood, they’re undeniably unmissable. Tonight, it was time for Goat Girl, Dead Pretties, FISH and YOWL.

Peckham lads YOWL blew the dust off the stage with their swaggering dark garage noise. Dressed like the cast of This Is England and sauntering like Ian Brown, the five-piece emitted a menacing conviction that completely captivated the crowd. The set was a burst of thrashing guitars that were peppered with politically poetic lyrics, especially through melancholic track ‘Saturday Drag’ that conveyed a particular poignancy.

Everything popped off for gorgeously feral kids Dead Pretties as they plunged into unimpeded garage noise. On a stage not much bigger than your garden shed, Dead Pretties’ concentrated energy possessed the crowd into swirling mosh pits and lobbing £5 pints, and by the time they closed with ‘Bodies On The Floor’, there were definitely a few bodies on the floor. There’s something special about a support band who make it feel like the gig is over the moment they set down their guitars.

Yet, more was to come. Foursome FISH graced the stage with their effortlessly angelic slacker-grunge. “It’s Patrick’s last show” they joked, nodding to the heart monitor attached to bassist Patrick’s chest. Heart rates were definitely racing though as the crowd shouted love proposals to frontwoman Asha and climbed atop of shoulders- either to get a more intimate view or to get closer to the air conditioning as the crowd overheated in adoration.

The hype only got greater as headliners Goat Girl took to the stage. Opening with venoumous single ‘Scum’, the crowd were immediatly entranced by the foursome’s dirty hooks and meltingly lethargic vocals. Despite being dressed in a literal plastic bag, the drummer clearly loved every moment of it as she never stopped smiling. In fact the whole band bounced off eachother’s energy as they floated through a set of pure quailty slacker-rock. Their sound is amazingly tight and refreshing, and it’s undeniable that in the near future these girls will swagger into sold-out headline shows across the globe.

With bands as sick as these, be sure to get down to The Old Blue Last on a Tuesday night this January. (or at least take note of the bands so you can brag about knowing them before they were big and famou$.)

Words and Images by Meg Firth x

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