To Kill A King // The Problem Of Evil

Back in December, To Kill A King surprised fans with new single The Problem Of Evil. Despite a 40 second intro and an organ solo outro, the song still made it on to Spotify’s New Music Friday list.

Two full length albums and 3 EPs down the line, this band are already back better than ever. Being BFFs with Bastille’s Dan has only done favours for Ralph Pelleymounter and his men. They have in recent years been support acts for Dog Is Dead and Bastille and in 2013, secured a spot playing at Reading and Leeds festivals.

This stripped-back song begins with a high speed, repetitive riff on acoustic guitar with some synthy-sounding organs layered in the background. This sets us up nicely for the addition of Ralph’s raw voice and a heavier guitar for the chorus. This incredible track is a little on the darker side for this band’s vibe.

On New Year’s Day, the band tweeted saying they were back in the studio… Are they only beginning to record the latest album now? Or could they just be making finishing touches? Either way this album is long overdue considering the last time we heard from them was in 2015!


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