The lads from Essex have done it again with a bold statement for the year ahead. Crude was uploaded onto Soundcloud by the band on Tuesday and has been on repeat ever since.

The band’s Soundcloud composes of 4  brilliantly orchestrated  songs and Crude fits in nicely with it’s siblings by delivering excellent guitar riffs, unique vocals, executed with a distinctive sound that grips you and screams for your attention.


When listening to ‘CRUDE’ you can’t help but get excited at the prospect of what this year could bring for the band, who are playing a handful of gigs in January. (dates below) The band are also teaming up with the amazing ‘Girls Against’ in April to do a charity show in Portland Arms in Cambridge for a great cause!


It’s surely going to be an exciting year ahead for the band, who sound in every way capable enough to play big festivals and tour throughout the year. The feeling I get when listening to this band emulates the excitement I got when I first listened to ‘November and the Criminals’ (who later became PEACE) and see no reason as to why this band won’t go ahead and follow in their footsteps.

Listen to ‘CRUDE’ below…





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