The Cheap Thrills Are A Dream

The Cheap Thrills are a garage pysch rock-pop band from Liverpool. The lovely foursome consists of:





I’ve been lucky enough to hear their latest EP called ‘Glare’, a whole week before it’s due to be released and I’m very happy about it. Having only vaguely heard about this band through Twitter (all good things may I add), I was intrigued to have a listen.
‘Glare’ ‘s tracklist:
Same Old Faces
Setting Sun
‘Tides’ feels inspired by Two Door Cinema Club, it holds the same kind of vibe of them only ‘Tides’ is less electric and slightly heavier.
The song starts with an almost shoegaze patch and continues to have a wah effect throughout the song. I feel like this would be great live, the chorus is something you can definitely have a bop to, even if you didn’t know them. Everything in this song just fits perfectly together and I think it’s a very upbeat and uplifting song.
Their second song off the EP is ‘Machine’ which has already been released and is available to listen to now. Initially, I didn’t like this song at all, I thought it sounded quite pop-y and I didn’t know what to make of it. It has grown on me now, although it’s still not my favourite. The song shows off lead singer Lewis Pike’s vocal strength. I do like ‘Machine’ outro, the co-ordination of guitar and drums works nicely to end the song.
Next up is ‘Same Old Faces’ starts out chilled and it’s tempo increases as the song progresses. This song is based mainly around electric guitar with some fx patches thrown into the mix including an uplifting guitar motif. ‘Same Old Faces’ has catchy lyrics that match the bouncy vibe of the song.
Lastly, is ‘Setting Sun’ intro could have been loosely inspired by Peace’s indie banger ‘1998 (Delicious)’. I really like the bass in this song because it reminds me of Sam Koisser, who I love. ‘Setting Sun’ is different to anything else from their EP and I would recommend this out of all of them.
The Cheap Thrills have been supported by Fred Perry Subculture : “you can tell why these guys are renowned for their frenetic live shows.”
The ‘Glare’ EP is out on the 14th of January.
I’d like to thank The Cheap Thrills for the chance to hear it earlier than everyone else.
You can like their facebook page here:
Stream ‘Machine’ on Soundcloud:

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