Declan McKenna- The Kids Don’t Wanna Come Home Review


The wonderful Declan McKenna has surprised us all with a new single just in time for his UK tour.

What a way to start the year! Now at the age of 18, Declan has presented us with this huge single, which with a closer look reveals an interesting story behind its inception. Throughout this conquering track, he seems to be arguing against the assumptions made about the younger generation, with the song almost standing as a voice for all ‘the kids’. McKenna conveys the anger and bitterness about todays society into an infectious foot-stomping anthem.

Only last night Declan joined Mistajam on BBC Radio 1 where the track was introduced and featured, already seeming to get a vast response. The important themes are addressed with the general consensus targeting: “The frustrations of being a young person in the modern world.”


His former significant success so far has been shaped by his self-released number ‘Brazil’ which came out last year. Since this notable moment for the young artist, Declan is now signed to Columbia Records and seems to be making a big impression. Lately we have also had the release of ‘Isombard’ and now yet another fantastic single ahead of his upcoming tour.

Be sure to get your tickets for his UK tour soon-  I’m sure they will go quickly, especially due to the drop of this sensational track

Lauren x

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