Blaenavon : The Band You Need To Listen To !

Blaenavon have truly surprised us all today. From dropping their latest single ‘Orthodox Man’, a music video for that single, a debut album announcement and a gig at London’s Heaven, it’s been an exciting day.

Our prediction of Blaeners being a band to watch in 2017 has already come true and we’re only twelve days into this year ! (read our class of 2017 post here : )

Firstly, I must talk about ‘Orthodox Man’ which premiered on MistaJam’s Radio 1 show last night. ‘Orthodox Man’ shows continuation of Blaenavon’s distinctive sound. If you’ve read any of my other posts, you may know that I am a sucker for a good rift and this song is no exception. Blaeners waste no time and dive right into the song’s catchy chorus at 50 seconds. I really like the lyrics for this one: “seventh son or just your seventh fool”. I think that the song’s bass and guitar contrast so perfectly and not to sound like your 40 year-old geography teacher but this song is really groovy.

listen to ‘Orthodox Man’ here:

There is a music video for ‘Orthodox Man’ out now (watch it here : which features the lads from Hampshire adventuring around New York. Directed by Francesca Consarino, the video is a masterpiece.

The band also dropped the news that their much anticipated debut LP ‘That’s Your Lot’ will be out on the 7th of April, coinciding with their headline show at Heaven in London on the same day.

 The album will include twelve tracks:

Take Care
Let’s Pray
Orthodox Man
My Bark Is Your Bite
Lonely Side
Let Me See What Happens Next
Alice Come Home
Ode To Joe
I Will Be The World
Prague ’99
That’s Your Lot

We’ve already been blessed to have heard five of these tracks, which means we will have seven new/un-realeased tracks. Pre-order the album now because it’s going to be incredible !

I am so excited to be seeing Blaenavon next month (supporting Sundara Karma) hopefully i’ll be attending their Heaven gig too, it’s not one to miss so make sure you’re there ! Get your tickets tomorrow at 9am:

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