Kettering psychedelic 4 piece Temples are back with a blisteringly good second single for their upcoming album ‘Volcano’.

After releasing their first taste of new music (since their debut album ‘Sun Structures’ in 2013) in the form of the badass and ultimately superb ‘Certainty’. Its upbeat and full of energy and joy. The band seem to be steering slightly away from those 60’s psych sounds, and bringing in a more modern psych sound, which can be heard distinctively on their latest offering ‘Strange Or Be Forgotten’.

‘Strange Or Be Forgotten’ shows are more prolific Temples. Its groovy psych beats culminate with sublime guitar playing and elegent almost, Kevin Parker-esque vocals which make this one the most brilliantly crafted songs by the band to date.

The much more modern psych sound produced on both of the tracks we have heard so far is captivating yet brilliant, and personal I can’t wait to hear more from one of the best psych bands around.

Hear new single ‘Strange Or Be Forgotten’ here:


Temples are set to hit the road (finally) in March/April of 2017. You can buy tickets here!


(Featured image courtesy of Heavenly Recordings)


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