THE CLAUSE Release New Single ‘GOLDEN AGE’

It’s happening. New bands on the scene are realising there are only so many songs you can write about failed loves. Gladly, the Clause are no exception.


Last January, this 4 piece from Birmingham teased what they were capable of with their single ‘Shut Me Out.’ Illustrating the bittersweet truth of love, the song embarks on an isolated walk through the rain, guitar speeding past the bands despondent singer and splashing listeners with a murky, modern sound.

However, it seems the band have turned a cold shoulder to the usual ‘grim, cold present’ attitude depicted in the majority of songs with their new energetic single ‘Golden Age’. Frontman Pearce Macca told me he aimed to “write something positive, and about being young, to get over all this moaning about things not going right in life.” Well, the song does just that, turning a gaze upward in this new and refreshing viewpoint. It’s supported by the bass of Johnny Fyffe, the strides of Niall Fennel’s drums acting as confident steps in the right direction, and the guitar playing of Liam Deakin, displaying heavy riffs that link arms with an exhale of passion sung by Macca himself. Instead of recalling better days, ‘Golden Age’ hints at creating new ones and living for the now.


It’s a nice contrast to the band’s other single, rocking a fingers-up attitude rather than a hanging head low kicking-a-can vibe ‘Shut Me Out’ dispensed. However, these are both aspects of being young, which is what the Clause appear to be great at turning into some indie rock pieces. It is without a doubt they have tons more to offer.


It’s apparent the Clause could be knocking on the door of a new golden age in music with this single. With inspirations in the music of yesterday such as Oasis, the music of today such as Catfish & the Bottlemen and the Arctic Monkeys, there is no denying the Clause could be a part of the music of tomorrow.


‘Golden Age’ portrays a vigorous feeling of content in who you are and where you are, and with a slight nod to politics and lyrics such as “if we keep inhaling, then our lungs will never breath” the Clause seem to be headed in the right direction.


You can find them on Instagram at: @theclause_birmingham





Words by Anna Edwards

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