James McArthur-Burnt Moth

Welsh-born folk singer/songwriter, James McArthur  returns with his second studio album, Burnt Moth.

2017 is set to be a busy and promising year for James McArthur as he is set to release his highly anticipated second album on the 20th of January 2017. The record captures modern folk at its best as McArthur’s tranquil vocals glide through soft melodies. His lyrics continue to be playful and it is his development is visible  within this album. The songs are described to be as “soft as sunlight trickling through autumnal leaves”, a beautiful description and one that certainly makes me excited for the upcoming record full of calming, soothing tracks.

James created a special way of showcasing his debut album, ‘Strange Readings From The Weather Station’. It was showcased in a very unique, personal way in the cosy venue of a caravan to two people at a time.

 Burnt Moth looks at a fresh state but, one with a comforting and familiar perspective like no-one else’s. The collection of songs on this record are special and will grow on you from the very moment you hear them.

James is already renowned in the industry, he has been tipped by Classic Rock, Mojo and Uncut, with the latter saying; “Bucolic melodies, intricate acoustic guitar-picking ands lazy, dusty vocals…a British answer to Iron And Wine’s Sam Beam”. He has also received praise from Acoustic, they say he is “Music for sunny festival afternoons lying in the grass” and this is perfect, I highly recommend going to see McArthur if he plays a festival or has a gig near you. His music is truly captivating and his skill is incredible.

A video for the single ‘Burnt Moth’ has been released, it takes place on the rooftops of London, with a tranquil aura , a setting sun and a simple delivery. It captures the peaceful and poignant message of the track.

McArthur has all eyes on him, with many things promised for 2017 and his sophomore album out on the 20th of January on Moorland Records, he is set to be an important figure over the next year.


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