Exclusive Interview with SPINN

Liverpool have some of the finest and best bands around at the moment, such as the likes of Circa Waves and The Wombats. But new bands are trying to have a lot more control over where their future takes them. I caught up with the lads from SPINN. I’ve reviewed their first two singles, ‘Green Eyes’ and ‘BLISS’ and I had an opportunity to go and have a chat with them at their headline show at Parr Street Studio 2. I got there just in time for their sound check and being greeted by all of them once they saw me quite welcoming and I just knew I was going to be in for a lovely and calm interview with them. After a few slight technical difficulties during sound check, a few interruptions and a couple of “bevvys” later, we finally sat down in the lobby area of Parr Street studios – huddled together ready for a chat.

First off, I couldn’t miss the opportunity of welcoming George Whitehead to the band. The new drummer of SPINN had only been a part of the band for at least six days before he had to perform the headline show at Parr Street, but he smashed it anyways.

The first question I asked the lads was who were their main influences were, and as teenage artists themselves they all had a variety of choice. It went from Matty Healy to Johnny Marr. There’s a lot of new influences that are mixed with older influences for the band, too and that’s what makes them so diverse and strong as a group. They went into depth on why they had the influences they did – Matty Healy is just a good man, well-spoken and he writes class music. Jonathan the front man of SPINN also mentioned how he liked the set and the lighting of their shows. He wants to put on shows like that and hopefully they will get there as it’s not impossible for them.

Asking questions which are quite cliché to a reader but they have to be asked to get to know them. So, I went ahead and asked them what are the best gigs they have attended this year and they all said different things but all together they agreed with Leeds Festival on a whole of being the best event of the year that they had attended. They even want to perform at Leeds Festival one day, and smaller festivals like Truck and Green man. They want to focus on performing on smaller stages to start with and then make their way to bigger stages – they dream of headlining Leeds and Reading festival in the future. Not now, but in the future. That’s what I like about these lads, is that they are set on going far but they want to take things as they go, they don’t want to rush, they want to spend time on their music and doing shows and hopefully in 2017 they get around the country more and more to expand and to gain an even wider audience. The typical cities like Manchester, London, Birmingham and the smaller ones such as Portsmouth and Stoke were mentioned by the lads too.  They have set themselves a target for two albums within the next five years – to keep it realistic. But they want to mix things up a tad and have different sounds in their albums, not too different but still a bit different. They look at The 1975 for example, and they see their development and their explosion in the music world – it just so happens that they want to be like them. They don’t want to be a knock-off of The 1975 but the way their tracks are written and the way they’ve taken a different approach to their music and the way that society evolves.

SPINN have their ways set and they have their future planned as much as the future takes them.

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