Nuclear Lullaby- Keppoch 59 – Album Review

(Credit to Dan Roberts for the beautiful artwork)

Nuclear Lullaby are an alternative rock band described by many as ‘melodic grunge’ based in Cardiff, South Wales.

The band started up in 2014 and have released their debut album ‘Keppoch 59’  at the beginning of the month. The trio comprises of Brad Hunter (vocals and lead guitar), Charlie Sale (bass) and Rhys Dutfield (drums).

The band played numerous gigs in 2016 and played a blinding performance at Hoyfest in Cardiff in the latter of this year, setting themselves up for an exciting year ahead for 2017.

The band wasted no time in  kicking off 2017 with a bang. The release of ‘Keppoch 59’ came on the first day of the year! The day of release was not the only thing that proved the trio’s statement of intent for 2017. The album kicks off with ‘Upgrade’  a demo previously released by the band that screams with the raw potential that the band embrace throughout the album.

Track By Track-

UPGRADE (3:20) – has a delicious introduction ‘hazy’  instrumentals, stunning vocals accompanied by a grungy drop for the chorus that has a Nirvana-esque feel.

BEAUTIFUL MESS (2:38) – the title of the song depicts a meaningful illustration of sheer beauty and demise. The song is lyrically brilliant, and the riffs are sublime, a definite mosh pit anthem that I’m sure the dance floor at Clwb Ifor Bach will be craving for.

ZEUS (3:05) – Zeus was the God of Thunder and Sky, and this song depicts this throughout. Thunderous instrumentals, and vocals are just purely sublime, a song that the Ancient God would surely be accepting of being named after.

ONE OF MANY (5:01) – The songs introduction grips you, it’s calm, cool and seductive, it’s mellow, and delicious, but is definitely a calm before the storm. The chorus is atmospheric, unique and it hits you like a train. Powerful chord progression, but doesn’t lose its melodic feel.

JEN (3:07) – My personal favourite on the album, a cry out for exposure in the most plausible way.  The breath-taking riffs makes you want to play the song on repeat all day. A definite anthem that will sound even better live.

GAMBLIN’ GOBLIN’ (3:40) – An all round perfectly written song, not only lyrically, but instrumentally the song is simply spot on. The vocals show emotion and aggression, which flows throughout, almost telling a story , surely a good music video has to follow… I’ll leave that one to the band!

NUCLEAR LULLABIES (5:46) –   A sublime ending, to a very promising debut album.  Sheer class, from a promising up and coming band who’s raw talent poses a positive threat to the alternative rock scene.

An all round brilliant debut album, for a band that need more exposure. The trio deserve all of the credit they’re going to receive for this masterpiece. I look forward to seeing them gig this year!

Check out the bands facebook , twitter, soundcloud and bandcamp pages for more information, and check out the songs by clicking the hyperlinked song titles above.

ALBUM RATING  8/10 – A ballsy, grungy , sheer masterpiece of melodical grunge.


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