There has been news from a band who I actually wrote my first EVER blog post on. Plaza.

The band that consists of Bradley, William, Matt and Matt are on a productivity roll this week. They’ve recently announced a tour and have just dropped a song ‘Origami’ which features on their new EP which is rumoured to be out in April.

‘Origami’ is an emotionally deep song, beginning in full formation then dropping it’s pace ready for frontman Bradley to take to the mic. The song feels slightly lazy when put in comparison to other tracks written by them, such as ‘Blood Orange’ for example. The song lacks an aspect of excitement for me in the instrumental sense of things. ‘Origami’ seems like a cry for help. One that I can relate to on some levels, the song has melancholic undertones which perhaps is sometimes needed. Unfortunately my admiration for Plaza cannot be defined by this song.

Have a listen to it on Soundcloud here: and let me know what you think of it.

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