‘Sleep Drifter is a charming hypnotic ride’ – King Gizzards new single reviewed

Yet again, King Gizzard continue their crazy explorations into microtonal tuning.

Their latest adventure comes in the form of ‘Sleep Drifter’, a 4 minute 44 second long, slow and steady track, which compared to Rattlesnake and Nuclear Fusion (the bands previous two singles) has similarities seeping through the cracks.

‘Sleep Drifter’ could possible be one of the band softer pieces, yet with the beat heavy drums and sublime,audacious guitar rifts which drift throughout the song, ‘Sleep Drifter’ s a culmination of mellow and loud sounds which blend perfectly together.

Th similarities between their previous single ‘Nuclear Fusion’ and this track are very peculiar. In the chorus of the songs, the vocal patterns are nearly identical, yet, both songs are extremely different despite these similarities. Sleep Drifter has more of a classics sound. The guitars on this track are poignant and stand out clearly. Like in any other King Gizzard track, the drums force you to bob your he or tap your feet. Its fill of groove and pace. At 4 minutes ten you are greeted with a delicious guitar riff which ends the song perfectly.

This latest offering could be the last thing we hear from the band until ‘Flying Microtonal Banana’ is launched int the world. Its safe to say, from what we’ve heard so far this ambitious project from one of the most prolific bands around, is going to be just bloody brilliant.

You can pre-order the album here:

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