Interview with RINSE

I had an opportunity to send over some question’s to Stoke-On-Trent four piece RINSE and I was able to get in contact with front man Josh Hollingsworth to answer some questions. There’s an EP on the cards and I am so damn excited for it. The interview is below, enjoy.

Q: Who are your main influences in music? Why?

We all have different influences but If Peace, Drenge and Catfish had a baby think that might be us.

Q: What has been your favourite song/single/EP to record so far?

Probably Not Too Late we were so pleased with how it came out in the end. It was the tune that sorta helped us find our sound.

Q: Are their any specific meanings to any songs? Do you like to have specific meanings?

It’s what ever you want it to mean. I don’t tend to write songs that have specific meanings its nice to let people make up their own stories to the songs.

Q: Are you planning on doing a tour around the country? And are their any particular venues you would like to be able to sell out at some point in your music career?

Next year we are looking to get out more hopefully get out to cities we haven’t played yet. We will be definitely be very active and all over and hopefully get on some good shows and festivals.

Q: Is their an album on the cards anytime soon? Or even an EP? What’s your plans?

We haven’t got any plans for an album just yet but EP is deffo on the cards for next year we have about 3/4 songs in the pipeline already.

Q: Do you want to experiment with any other sounds? You have a rough, edgy sound currently.. would you want to try something different?

We are always trying different sounds and experimenting with songs we already have. but sometimes if it doesn’t come naturally theres no point forcing anything.

Q: How did you guys form?

We have all been mates for years and when older bands split we starting this and just clicked.

Q: Are there any really big festivals you would love to play at in 2017? Truck Festival? Reading and Leeds?

We are game for any Festival really big or small.

Q: Are their any bands you would really say you want to be like?

We have a load of bands we all are really in to but its important not to rip off too much and stick with what sound you have naturally.

Q: Would you ever like to do solo projects?

i would never rule it out we all love what we do and if we ever parted ways I don’t think any of us would stop playing music whether its a solo project or in another band.

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