Gorillaz return after 6 years with politically motivated song ‘Hallelujah Money’

We can all agree that it has felt like another universe has taken place since Gorillaz were last alive in the music scene. Thankfully they are back, just when we thought they couldn’t create something more diverse in their great Gorillaz style, they have with another unique universe of their own. They have re birthed themselves into 2017 with track ‘Hallelujah Money’ which typically fills us with high anticipations of what the year will bring with them in it.

Their re-emergence was suspected as soon as they began fiddling with the settings of their social media accounts a few months ago. Since then they have been updating each characteristic profile and reading us stories of each fictional character such as ‘The Book Of Noodle’. Though Gorillaz leave us to always ‘expect the unexpected’ one thing we can be certain of from these little sneak peaks is that Jamie Hewlett’s visual vibrancy and Damon Albarn’s creative genius is still stronger than ever.

‘Hallelujah Money’ is an interesting concept. The fact that it has been dropped on the eve of Donald Trump’s inauguration enhances the subject matter. Similarly when the dark, intriguing vocals of Mercury Prize winning artist Benjamin Clementine comes through. As the song bellows on with lyrics such as ‘it is not against our morals, it is legal tender’ and talks of Trump’s plans with the wall; the song is perhaps a political statement of the vibes that 2016 radiated towards the new year. However does the Spongebob Squarepants outro suggest 2017 as our humorous escape?

Anyway, they have left us all eager and excited to hear more new tunes and hopefully venues as we all know we need to experience this live. Perhaps even a festival headline slot is on the cards this year? We can only hope the next lot of line up announcements are awaiting some impact.

You can listen to Gorillaz’s new track ‘Hallelujah Money’ featuring Benjamin Clementine through this link:

Gorillaz Return After Six Years With Apocalyptic New Video For ‘Hallelujah Money’ On Inauguration Eve

Words by Dali Poulsom.

Featured image courtesy of Uproxx.


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