Huddersfield based synthpop trio, Palmes  recently released their latest single, T.V.  It’s an upbeat track, perfect to drag you from the depths of Winter and look forward to the Summer months ahead.

The short intro is uplifting, full of charm and catchy so won’t be leaving your memory anytime soon. I assure you, you’ll be singing it for a while!

The chorus is more stripped back than the previous verses, dropping the synths and using only a guitar and drum melody. The use of both guitars and bouncy drum fills throughout the song creates an alternative, sharper edge on the vivid, synth pop feel of the overall track.

The singing on this track isn’t perfect at moments, sure! However, it adds character to the song, making it seem like something you yourself could record in your garage and acts as a reminder that this is band who are unsigned and just making a name for themselves.

The band are also set to go on tour later this month and have promised there is plenty more music to come very soon! I highly recommend listening to this young, promising band, they have big plans for the next couple of months!

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