Father John Serenades Us Yet Again With A Passionate And Political Masterpiece

Father John Misty may have just released one of the best, and most directed political songs of the year. Its not so subtle hints directed straight at newly elected, President of America,  Donald J Trump, fuel a passionate and beautiful song.

The beautiful and steady pianos which sail through the track, along with the passionate and charming vocals of Father John. You can tell that passion and energy was poured into the creation of this track just through his elegant voice.

‘Pure Comedy’ is a fascinating protest against politics and, in general, the world. The songs music video is a perfect visual representation of chaos and humour. It takes a look at birth, death, heaven, hell, Trump, Kanye West, Pepe the frog and John Cena… Bizarre i know, yet it all fits. Contrasted with the lyrics of the song, the video plays perfectly in time with what is shown in the flickering montage of drawings and news reals.

Lyrics such as “Where did they find these goons we elected” merge perfectly with the video, showing an image of Donald Trump. Father John portrays him as a clown, a goon, and an animal throughout the track. The montage between drawings of a hellish America and news reals from the day that Trump was elected fluter past as Father John screams “Comedy”. An instant blast toward the newly elected President.

The most touching moment of the song comes at the end. With the video fading into a spinning image of planet Earth, Father John sings “I hate to say it, but each other is all we’ve got”. Its a scary thought, with father john aiming to unite the people against the establishment possibly? or telling people to stick together until the shit storm passes us by.

Either way, he’s back and at his best. You can view the video below.

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