Max Berga speaks on behalf of ‘Everywhere’ band and about their latest track ‘Let it Go’

Saturday day I had the privilege to interview frontman Max Berga from ‘Everywhere’ band at Camden Rocks. Camden market was filled with heaps of people, there were food and clothes stores everywhere. The cold temperature was sharp, however the background noise of the acoustic set made it somewhat bearable.

There were Christmas lights and tinsel decorated everywhere, although the festive season is over. The decorative background gave the market place a warm tone.

Everywhere are an alternative rock band based in London and have great support from a variety of highly recognised publications. In the words of Clash Magazine, they are “Pop in the grandest loosest sense of the word.

LIH: How did you guys all meet?

Max: It’s kind of a long story actually, I mean the band was actually originally formed back in Sweden in 2012 and it was actually because I had to get a band together as I got a call from the states. I had been sending my demos to different producers around the world and then I got this call from the US from an American producer and he was based over in LA and he asked me if I could come over and record my music and I said yeah sure you know I can come over and he was like yeah bring your band. But I didn’t have a band, but I didn’t tell him that at the time because I didn’t want to complicate things. But I got them altogether, basically.

LIH: Do you remember the name of the producer

Max: Yeah, Mark Needham

LIH: How did you come up with the band name?

Max: Basically, a friend of ours who sent this festival poster over had photo shopped the name ‘Everywhere’ as the headliner and then he was kind of showing us that and was like why don’t you call yourselves ‘Everywhere’. But you know it’s a choice of name that has been both having good and bad consequences, ‘Everywhere is such a big word so when you google it and stuff it’s hard to get to our band.

LIH: What band would you say inspires your music the most

Max: We all have different influences, for me it’s like bands such as Kings of Leon, and I really love the Killers. I mean there are a few influences from older bands like Led Zeppelin, like the guitar stuff. I was very into classic rock when I wrote those songs. But that’s why we went to the states to record some songs because the producer had worked with The Killers and Imagine Dragons. But also some classic stuff such as Blondie.

LIH: I understand ‘Let it Go’ is available in SoundCloud now, what’s the story line in this track?

Max: I mean like, it’s more of a general kind of philosophy I guess, it’s kind of about having a bunch of relationships and trying things and discovering what works and what doesn’t work. Mainly I’ve come to the conclusion about trying to give somebody space and not holding onto them for too long, it’s like a paradox when you try to grab onto some body and they kind of run-away, you know the chorus in the song goes ‘to keep her love I’ve got to let her go’ and so that’s the kind of conclusion of the song

LIH: So when are you hoping to release the full album

Max: I mean we haven’t really, yeah I mean we are thinking about turning the EP into an album as that would be an easier process. But that would take a little bit longer, I haven’t really thought about it because it’s not really about EPs or albums anymore because when you make an album you’re wasting a lot of songs that could have gotten more attention as a single, as people are no longer listening to albums the same way they did.

LIH: Okay, so do you have any festivals lined up for this year?

Max: Not really, I mean we have Camden Rocks maybe, but we are booking a tour for the summer and we’ll see what happens, I guess.

LIH: Where would you say is your dream festival to play at then?

Max: I mean I’m not a big festival guy to be honest with you, I mean I used to go to festivals in Sweden as I used to be a model agent. I mean they have a few quite good ones but I used to go to festivals to find models as I used to be a model scout and festivals were a great place for that. I’m not a big festival kind a guy but there’s a Swedish festival called ‘Way out West’ and that would be fun to play of course but otherwise I’m not the biggest festival kind of person. I like to play gigs like this.

LIH: Would you say you’re politically involved with today’s issues that are going on

Max: (Hesitant) Erm, yeah, not really. Not in the sense of the band. We aren’t trying to push a political message. I’ve tried to stay away from that kind of stuff I guess even if you gain something from it at some point you’re gonna alienate people as well so I try to stay away from it.

LIH: Do you have any hobbies outside of being a musician?

Max: Do I have any hobbies? Not really, I like to watch movies and maybe go out and have a pint sometimes. I honestly enjoy making music so much, I cut videos and make websites.

LIH: What’s your most vivid memory?

Max: it could be anything, from any time during my life. Yeah I mean the band right before us were quite funny. It’s the first thing that popped up in my heard. There were these two girls that were standing in front of the stage, apparently with one drink in each hand and they were clapping and apparently he said oh that was very resourceful. (Laughs)

LIH: Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Max: Yeah, I really enjoy Taylor Swift. I like the new things mostly. What else? I listen to a lot of pop music; I listen to everything on Spotify every day. I like Flo Ridder, Katy Perry. (Laughs)



It was great to be able to have a chat with the wonderful Max Berga, lead singer of alternative rock band, ‘Everywhere.’ Go check out their SoundCloud for their most recent track ‘Let it Go’ it’s awesome.

Photography: Lauren McDermott


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