Two Door Cinema Club take on Birmingham in style

Two Door Cinema Club finally returned to Birmingham to kick start their UK tour, and what a start it was.

The night opened with London four piece ‘Anteros’ providing some expertly crafted 70’s new wave, 90’s grunge beats similar to bands such as Inheaven and Black Honey. The band managed to cause a small section of the crowd to jump, and really, it was well deserved. Their grungy beats captivated me, I thought I may have found a new favourite band…

Then there were Sundara Karma. The always flamboyant, full of energy four piece really stirred up the crowd as the second support. Their monumentally good indie-pop songs, capable of taking over festivals and huge arenas in the years to come. Their anthem like tunes ‘Young Understanding’ and ‘Olympia’ opened their set, making the entire front portion of the crowd go absolutely ballistic. People jumping and going wild, even before the main act had even started. Sundara Karma produced an extremely energetic set. This was the fourth time seeing this band live, and in my opinion the best time.

When Two Door Cinema Club finally walked on stage at around 9:30, the crowd was sent into disbelief. The opening track on their magnificent debut album, ‘Cigarettes In The Theatre’ caused the crowd to stir together, continuously bouncing and singing along to the words going round and round in circles. My personal favourite track by the band, ‘Undercover Martyn’ was received with a great reception from the Brummie crowd. The opening lyrics to the track ‘and she spoke words that would melt in her hands’ were thrown back to lead singer Alex Trimble, who did not sing this part of the song creating an emotional atmosphere throughout the three thousand capacity venue.

Two more marvellously good debut album tracks followed. ‘Do You Want It All’ caused a the entirety of the crowd to erupt into madness. That loud indie-pop drop, filled the room with joy and chaos . ‘This Is The Life’ was a youthful, and joyous moment of the set. The seven, large screens projecting distorted animations of their new album cover ‘Gameshow’, which surprisingly the title track was not included on the set list for the evening.

The more disco/electronic  pop sounding ‘Changing Of The Seasons’ provided an added touch of pop masterclass from Two Door Cinema Club with a chorus of keen fans belting out the lyrics. Elegant disco track “Bad Decisions’ followed. The funky beats flowed through the crowd causing impeccable dance moves from most members in mosh pits, including from myself I must say when I managed to backflip off someones shoulders landing straight on my back after a crowd surge.

The opening synth pattern to ‘Come back Home’ soared through the venue, and during the chorus, the riff sent everyone crazy. When Trimble had stopped slashing his blood splattered white Fender guitar, Kevin Baird (bass and keyboard) spoke to crowd briefly saying “Birmingham, we haven’t been here in a while but wow, playing this city makes us realise how notorious you guys are, you’re crazy”,

‘Something Good Can Work’ was one of those “can you play that again” moments. It was a special moment, and most likely one of the calmest songs, yet people were jumping from the stage to the sound booth. ‘Are We Ready (Wreck)?’ was forced upon us within an instant, but we didn’t care. The first single from the bands latest album was met with a joyous response.

Pure 80’s disco then followed. Two new tracks ‘Fever’ and ‘Je Veins De La’ were tested on the audience, but i don’t think they minded what they played. The new songs sounded fabulous, the disco touch made the night even more enjoyable and exciting. I love the older sound, but this disco style is fresh and inviting.

The last 5 tracks of the set, were laden with hits.

We began with ‘Beacons’ track ‘Sleep Alone’, a classic song which reminds me youth, happy days, and getting angry about wasting the little money I had on FIFA 13 packs. The we had another FIFA classic in ‘I Can Talk’. It sent the crowd into a state of hysteria, with the screen projecting the lyrics amongst other psychedelic like images and projections.

‘Eat That Up/Its Good For You’ has possibly one of the best climaxes in any Two Door track and that was apparent on the night. With Trimble’s blood covered guitar back on show, he produced an emphatic amount of energy and a huge precense on stage. The riff was a powerhouse of noise and pounding drums inflicting the venue with immence  energy.

The night was nearing its climax, and before Two Door left for the encoure they stormed through ‘Sun’. Everyone needed a short break from the jumping and moshing, however everyone gave as much energy as they could to start jumping and screaming the lyrics.

Unfortunately, the gig ran late so annoying i had to leave before the band returned to the stage to play ‘Someday’ and ‘What You Know’. I was quite fed up afterwards.

However, Two Door Cinema Club, Sundara Karma and Anteros all contributed to an infectiously good night. The power and joy that all three bands brought with them, and shared it all with the fans of the bands was special. It was an extrmely joyous night, and one which I will not forget.

Two Door Cinema Club played:

  • Cigarettes in the Theatre
  • Undercover Martyn
  • Do You Want It All?
  • This Is the Life
  • Changing of the Seasons
  • Bad Decisions
  • Lavender
  • Next Year
  • Come Back Home
  • Ordinary
  • Something Good Can Work
  • Are We Ready? (Wreck)
  • Je Viens de La
  • Sleep Alone
  • I Can Talk
  • Eat That Up, It’s Good for You
  • Sun
  • Someday
  • What You Know

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