Palm Honey – Tucked into the Electronic Wave

Palm Honey kick started their career in 2015 gaining thousands of listens on Soundcloud and Spotify, they radiate their influences from the likes of Tame Impala and Blossoms in their music. Hints of psychedelia creep in and their sound on a whole is fresh and edgy. On their recent EP ‘Tucked into the Electronic Wave’ they indulge themselves in their creativity and individuality.

The EP consists of four tracks:

  1. Palace
  2. Stick the knife in
  3. Going Normal
  4. I can try

Palace starts off with a dreamy synth which progresses into an Indie pop anthem with abstract and insanely beautiful vocals. It catches me off guard when a brass instrumental takes place half way through the track making it unique and diverse – which isn’t a bad thing. It’s pleasant and it’s nice to see bands taking different approaches to their music.

The second track off ‘Tucked into the Electronic Wave’ is ‘Stick the knife in’ and by the title of the track it doesn’t scream happiness in the slightest. But once the song kicks in, the tune is springy and it’s what takes me into another world in which the band have created just by having a rough edge and infectious vocals. Towards the end of the track it erupts into a messy but wonderful sounding tune.

Just as I thought Palm Honey couldn’t explore anymore than they already have they impress me more with the exploration they have done with their vocal ranges on the third track ‘Going Normal’. I cannot say it enough times on how much their vocals blow my mind when I listen to this EP – they are simply stunning and they are something which really catches my attention. The harmonies and the calm guitar reverbs lace perfectly together.

Last but not least ‘I can try’ sets a perfect ending to the EP, being the longest track lasting seven minutes long, some people may possibly get bored of listening to a song for this long but my attention span never switches off and it’s got an interesting sound to it. Bouncy, rough and choppy, I’m easily impressed.


Photo Credits: Lauren McDermott



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