Messy mixed New York City / Hull trio SKATERS are coming with ‘In Your Head’ prior to their debut release in March

After gaining recognition from the sell-out tour they accompanied RATBOY on, their freshly fizzed up California skate style has even convinced Radio 1 to take a sip, having done a live session with Annie Mac too!

Their sound radiates the global combination of the band and definitely can accompany any set of ears around the globe. From the steady soundtrack to the subtle sweet vocals, this track is a lovely introduction to what ‘Rock And Roll Bye Bye’ will bring.

Lead guitarist Josh Hubbard says:

‘took a walk down ‘Whitefriargate’ the UK City of Culture’s newly paved high street, real life, in a real city with real people…’

on the music video featuring a tracksuit dressed girl ballet dancing via Hull’s town centre, representing the band’s origin perfectly. Perfectly acting as a visual to the sound tracking single. It’s a track which like the video, can soundtrack any situation and one your emotions begin to crave to listen to.

To the already SKATERS fanatics, their delightful debut has been highly anticipated for some time as I have mentioned. I say with no doubt and in confirmation with the artwork however, having already listened to their lovely little debut, It has been worth waiting YONKS for.

‘In Your Head’ is set to release on 24th February and I urge you to set the date, ahead of the release of their new album of a repeated title, ‘Rock And Roll Bye Bye’.

Words by Dali Poulsom.

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