I was lucky enough to be given the bands debut release earlier than the rest, and boy was I grateful.

The album kicks off with crude, a song I previously reviewed, and if you read that, you could tell the excitement, and love I’ve gained for the Essex lads in a short period of time.



The album itself is a raw, confident, and utterly brilliant piece of work from the lads. Each song shows the blood and sweat that’s gone into making each song. The band thrive on the fact it’s raw with the title ‘DIY’ showing they’ve grafted for this, and don’t rely on the material to be spoon fed to them.

The album is constructed with 9 tracks, although 3 lack names, none of the album lacks identity. It kicks off with Crude (track 1) a personal favourite of mine from the bands Soundcloud, the song is sharp and gives the statement for what’s to follow. (if you’d like to read more about this track go here ) -> http://letithappenmusicblog.com/?s=wax+colour

Runaway Baby (track 3) has a very chilled beat, that shows the bands emotional side,  instrumentally it’s brilliant, just like it’s predecessors it’s unique, and should be treasured. This showcases the bands ability to show their experimental side, and it wreaks of pure raw talent.

Dreamz (track 6) is exactly what it says in the title, the song shows the band in a different light,  it shows just what the future could hold for the band, and is even more unique in comparison to the other tracks. When I listen to a track for the first time, I tend to compare it’s likeness to another (well known) song,  and 3 days later, and around 45 plays on, I’m still struggling to find a comparison, which in 2017, is very hard to come by. The track alone is enough to make thi album a smash, and I for one cannot wait to get my hands on a physical copy of it!

DIY is a constructive, experimental piece of art that needs to be on your CD shelf. The band have been working on this for 2 years, and you can feel the intimacy of this as soon as the music hits your ears. The band are on to something big, and this EP has become a personal favourite that will remain in my library for years to come.

Check out the band on social media ;

twitter @waxcolour

ig- @waxcolour

bandcamp- http://waxcolour.bandcamp.com



Q & A with Charl Paine @corneredfoxes (spitting bars @waxcolour fam what u saying..)

So how long did the EP take to make, I’m in love!

I’m glad man, it’s a year or two of hard work that.

It shows! How long have you guys been a band then?

Been a band since like early 2015, constantly rehearsed, and started gigging January 2016.

So what does 2017 entail?

Plans for 2017 are to tour the fk out of it!

Who’s your favourite artist?

No idea where to start, but i’m into Suede atm.

DIY in 3 words…

Weird, Cool n Bedroomy.

Oasis or Blur?

Oasis for bangers, Blur for concept.

Funniest gig moment?

Not funny, but when we played Liverpool in November someone was murdered like 50 feet from our hotel, so we couldn’t get back into it to get our stuff out, which resulted in us nearly being late for the gig n hardly experiencing Liverpool!

Thanks Charl!



Get the new EP DIY from Bandcamp @ http://waxcolour.bandcamp.com





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