Benjamin Francis Leftwich Releases ‘Pure Morning’ Cover

Yorkshire singer song writer Benjamin Francis Leftwich has today unveiled a mesmerising and chilling acoustic rendition of Placebo’s ‘Pure Morning’.

If you are unaware of Benjamin, I strongly advise to listen to his music. His music is a beautiful and touching listen, drawing similarities to Bon Iver and Jose Gonzalez. He has a heart-warming voice which stands out amongst the rest. Leftwich started playing guitar at the age of ten, and discovered the likes of geniuses Nick Drake, Bob Dylan and Elliot Smith who have effected his style, and passion for music and the genre. He also cites that artists such as Arcade Fire and Ryan Adams are his biggest inspirations.

His debut album charted at No.35, however I feel that position should’ve been higher. Songs such as ‘Pictures’ and ‘Atlas Hands’ are emotive and full of meaning, and are also, in my opinion some of the best acoustic tracks to surface this decade.

The release of this this cover comes almost a year after the release of his second album, released through Dirty Hit Records (Wolf Alice, The 1975). Benjamin Francis Leftwich however, is a man who suffered a torrent time after the release of his debut album ‘Last Smoke Before The Snowstorm’ (released in 2011). He sadly lost his father to cancer and since his passing, Ben has not been focused on music, up until he thought it right to record his second album, stating “For me, I just needed to live outside of music.”

Placebo’s ‘Pure Morning’ is a fascinating listen. Its pure 90’s grunge style and those enchanting vocals from lead singer Brian Molko make for it to be one of the best releases in the 90’s. Its a song about friendship with Molko stating that the songs real meaning is “”All you really crave is for a friend to put their arms around you and make you feel better. That’s the pure morning, when that happens.”

This cover is elegant and one of the best editions of this song i have heard. Benjamin’s style and music fit perfectly as he blends in the heart felt lyrics of Pure Morning’ with his stunning guitar ability to create a masterful cover of an incredible song.

Hear the song below:


Featured Image courtesy of Bodega, Nottingham. 

Image courtesy of Brum Live.

Placebo artwork courtesy of Pinterest.

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