London Grammar Share Ethereal New Single ‘Big Picture’

After waiting three long years, London Grammar are back. They soothed our hangovers with ‘Rooting for You’ on New Year’s Day, and now, two months later, they’ve treated us to ‘Big Picture’ – a calm yet emotionally raw track that echoes with tranquil ambience.

The track opens with a gentleness that has become synonymous with London Grammar. Misty guitar tics and soft piano pulsate under Hannah Reid’s angelically raw vocals, slow-burning as the track builds into a hazy, all-encompassing ballad. When paired with ‘Rooting for You’, London Grammar’s second album promises to be as beautifully atmospheric as their debut, offering tranquilising soundscapes that plumb the depths of your emotions.

Both ‘Rooting for You’ and ‘Big Picture’ will feature on London Grammar’s upcoming sophomore album, which is expected to be released late 2017.

By Meg Firth

Feature Image: Lee Kirby for Ministry of Sound

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