Cabbage takes on the mighty London

I came across topical, shouting Mancs, Cabbage at Ynot Festival last year and have been excited about their music since. Having just released their EP compilation YOUNG, DUMB &FULL OF…CABBAGE, I managed to bag last minute tickets for two of their sold out gigs this past past week which by the way are like gold dust in London.
First off at Kamio, one of my favourite venues at the minute. They were playing with Freak (new to me but worth a listen) and Black Honey but Cabbage were definitely the highlight for most. In all honesty, I think that London gigs can be a bit shit, you never really get that gang mentality like in smaller towns but their lively stage presence encouraged a rowdy atmosphere. It was chaotic, they didn’t stand still and had a sort of Pete and Carl relationship going on on stage (I’m sure at one point they even kissed). It’s mad how much of an evident following they have already, the crowd was buzzing and for the most part, pissed but everyone in there was singing the satirical lyrics back to the band.
I had such a good time on Friday that I decided to go see them again six days later, at The Lexington followed by a ‘dj set’ at a pub in Bethnal Green. They were even better the second time with their dark humour and almost theatrical swagger. With support from two really great bands, April and The Shimmer Band, they made a lot of noise and routinely ended up topless.
I’m happy to have caught them early on at such small venues ‘cause they seem really genuine and I’m sure these boys will be massive this year. They’re different and their raw sound is unbelievable live! While I am writing this with a hangover and Cabbage are definitely to blame, I’ve just ordered tickets to see them again at Dingwalls in April and I think that says it all.
Words by Kalisha Quinlan Davies.

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