RINSE – Still Wouldn’t Call

Because I’m from Stoke, I really take interest in the music scene around my local area and there’s not many bands that catch my attention to a full extent. RINSE have been the only band that have seemed to do that – goosebumps, hairs standing up on my arms and getting a buzz when I listen to them.

Throwing a new track at us via their Twitter and Facebook pages, ‘Still Wouldn’t Call’ takes almost the same approach as their other grunge numbers but this has a slight edge to it, euphoria and small samples of Oasis creeping into the song and lacing itself into the guitar riffs and stunning reverbs.

The start of the second verse is the part which is the most meaty, with just vocals and a harsh singular drum beat, it makes it hard to not feel overwhelmed by the pulsing beat and the emotion in Josh’ voice.

After my interview with RINSE last month, and revealing that they never put any particular meaning into songs but I’m sure this song can relate to anyone..touching lyrics with a touch of grit.

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