Treeboy And Arc – NEIGHBOURHOOD WITCH (part 1)

Forming in 2015, the Leeds based band Treeboy And Arc present to us some heavy punk number – and drawing similarities from the likes of DIIV, they have set a perfect image for the more exciting things to come from them.

Leeds have a rock and punk background when it comes to bands such as The Kaiser Chiefs and Eagulls. The music scene in Leeds, even leading back to about ten years ago, not many popular bands have come from there but after listening to Treeboy And Arc’s single ‘NEIGHBOURHOOD WITCH (PART 1)’ I just have a feeling that the music scene is going to be widened and they are the next big punk band.

While the band have been writing and producing their chaotic compositions and creating their own punk values it seems as if they have been no strangers to the more lively and louder end of the spectrum. Huge guitar riffs and lively basslines, Treeboy And Arc really know how to show off their talents in a raging and progressive track.

I look forward to Part Two of this weighty and heavy track.

Listen to it here.

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