The Empire Police self titled EP REVIEW:

The Empire Police are a four piece from Preston consisting of Jordao Bassa – Lead Vocal & Rhythm Guitar, Tom Hale – Lead Guitar & Backing Vocal, Fynley Dobson – Drums & Percussion, George Jacques – Bass Guitar.

The five track EP opener ‘Stop The Clocks’ is a retrospective hindsight into the mind of a young adolescent. “Your mind’s fucked, left mine at the front door” emphasises a desire to turn back time, as the title may suggest. The overall instrumentation on this one is utterly impeccable; it’s dreamy, it’s punchy and it’s empathetic.

‘Out Of Nowhere’ surprisingly hits twice as hard, with speedy percussion, ambient guitars and a bouncing bassline, again accompanied beautifully by the vocal delivery. The chorus sounds somewhat similar in vocal to ‘Lay Down’ by DMA’s. “You bite your lip, and exchange the look“, discusses desire. The track delves into an almost jazz/shoegaze solo with lots of cymbal, distortion and bass drum.

Third track, ‘Taxi rank’ was put out back in 2016, as the band’s first release. The song dives into a jumpy rhythm, and incites dance, I can’t hep but have a little groove and tap my toes to this one! The guitars are a blend of King Krule and The Stone Roses, both obvious influences of the band. Again, the Arctic Monkeys come to mind as the track breaks into a frenzy of strumming. The band don’t hinder from their British roots, coming close to the sound of The Kooks also, this band are destined to be up there with the UK greats in the near future.

The band’s sound is strongly reminiscent of old school Arctic Monkeys, taking me back to the ‘Your Favourite Worst Nightmare’ days, with ‘Final Crusade’.  The accent of frontman Jordao is very similar in tone to that of Alex Turner, “intoxicated mascarade, a bullshit blockade” chimes Bassa eloquently. The baseline carries this tune effortlessly, bringing a much darker side to the band that is yet to have been seen on the EP thus far.

The EP closes with ‘Just By Chance’, a dream pop anthem, riddled with ambience and delay. The guitar work of the band is effortlessly brilliant, as always. The drumming is equally as impressive on this track, standing out much more than it has prior to the EP finale. “Oh fuck it, let’s carry on pretending” says Jordao, a reoccurring theme of the EP is love and the feelings that it may bring.

Overall, there isn’t a bad word to be said about The Empire Police, they touch upon bands we all know and love from the past while also bringing their own refreshing vibe to the table, my hopes for this  band are very high. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled and wrap your ears around the EP right now.

Words by Ben Davies

(featured image courtesy of The Empire Police Facebook page)

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