The Magic Gang – How Can I Compete?

The magical four from Brighton have showed us a high standard of bouncy and preppy pop – The Magic Gang have always gave their listeners happy and flouncy tracks, ones that fulfil our fantasies and become a part of our long lists of guilty pleasures! They are back with their happy riffs and announcing a tour on top of that.

‘How Can I Compete?’ Is another song which I would class as a dream, and also a flawless pit of excitement, really. It’s charming and the wimpy title could say something about them, that they are dull and bleak but with their upbeat manor and their ability to make pleasant dispositions comes as a natural talent for these lads.

‘How Can I Compete?’ Is stacked with punchy characteristics, simple and beautifully done. But whilst keeping their distinctive sound in tact they offer some new sounds and harmonies which is even better.

Tour dates for their upcoming tour are below.

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